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Economy of Jaduka
Fiscal Year Domestic Revenues Labor Force Total Expenses End of Year Balance
January 1 - December 31 394,433,107.25RUB 2,229,500 71,136,285.70RUB 323,296,821.55RUB

Growth of 2010[]

Since Jaduka's induction into the DOOM Alliance, the young nation enjoyed economic prosperity. Though taxation only produced a revenue of about 1.6 million ruble per month, the iron and water industries produced 12 million ruble in the first month since independence and proved to be a major source of revenue for the young Jaduka. The largest of the iron industry companies, Jadukan Ore Corp, reported a revenue of more than 3 million ruble within its first month of business.

With a massive surplus, the Jadukan government began a massive works project to improve the infrastructure in the nation. Among the projects included the improvement of North Port and a new Foreign Ministry Buildings.

Economic Crisis of May 2010[]

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In May 2010, Jadukan corporate giant Jadukan Ore Corp came across a shortfall in iron production and created a back log costing both the company and Jadukan government nearly 10 million RUB in lost revenue. Only through loans did both the Jadukan government and Ore Corp recover. Exports were back logged till June in many cases.