This alliance has disbanded as of February 5, 2009. More information is available here.
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EUFN Motto: We'll chant a soldiers song.
Team Color Green team Green
Founded March 13th, 2008
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The Economic Unified Federation of Nations was an alliance that was created at 17:40 on the 13th of March 2008 and disbanded at 21:35 on the 5th of February 2009. It was an Anglo-Celtic alliance with an Republican government. The alliance thrives on Republicism as the driving force in the world of politics. This alliance is known better as EUFN. The EUFN beliefs were based around Forwardism.

EUFN existed for 10 months, 23 days, 3 hours and 55 minutes (329 days).

In July 2011, Former President King Dope formed a new alliance called Celtic World Order. It is the successor to the EUFN but but it is aiming not to make the same mistakes that the EUFN did.


The purpose of this alliance is to help out fellow members during their dark times and their good times. We all trade together and we would aid each other when we can. This alliance believes in the idea of democracy and this can be seen in all of the elections we hold. When war hits other alliances we will stay neutral in order to protect our members from danger but if there is any danger looming over any of the members that will contradict that then the alliance will do what it can to fight back.


Main article: Forwardism

The Economic Unified Federation of Nations main ideology is Forwardism, the belif that unity and strength that moves things forward can only be achieved through talking and discussing ideas and bearing in mind its effects.

The EUFN is deadly serious in its commitment in promoting and defending the ideals of Republicism and Individuality of people within and outside of the alliance while championing that everyone is common and should work together as one.

Internal PoliticsEdit

The EUFN is committed to the ideal of political freedom. The Government will be elected by every member nation of this alliance, it will be the supreme authority of the EUFN. The alliance is completely democratic and all voices are to be considered equal and all shall be heard.


EUFN's legacy is perhaps be playing a role in creating Forwardism as the worlds first and only Forwardist alliance and giving it to the world.


King Dope

The President trying out the High Command's new weapons.

Main article: Consitution of the EUFN

On the 2nd of June 2008 a brand new consitution replaced the old charter of the EUFN. It goes into more detail about the legal system of the alliance.


  • Rule 1: Do NOT use any threating, abusive or offensive language towards anyone in this alliance.
  • Rule 2: Respect all members at all time. If you can't, go see a member of staff.
  • Rule 3: Do not disrespect the way staff run things. If you don't like how it is run then go and complain in the complaints thread on the forums.
  • Rule 4: If a member is asking for help then don't ignore him, do what you can to make sure he gets the right help whether on forum or on cybernations.
  • Rule 5: Do not lie in anyway to the members of this alliance. This includes lying about wars or being attacked or having resources so on. Lying can hurt the alliance chance of success and it's ability to help it's members and it's allies.
  • Rule 6: Do NOT attack any members of this alliance and or any of this alliance allies especially to which we have an treaty with us. If you are getting attacked by an EUFN member then report it to the complaint thread located in the social area of our forum and the same is required for any EUFN allies attacking you.
  • Rule 7: Failure to abide by any of these rules and any other rules in the future will see the use of a temporary ban or a possibility complete banning from this alliance. Also depending the nature of your rule breaking, the alliance MAY attack you although very unlikely to happen but again totally depending on the nature.


For more infomation, see EUFN Government

The government is responsible for the running of the alliance. As this alliance is a democratic republic, the members are allowed to vote for their government in all areas. Also if the members of the alliance see the current President or Prime minister is taking the alliance in the wrong way then the council can overall him/her and place the prime minister (deputy prime minister in case of the PM gets discharged) as the President until a new one is elected. The prime minister is mainly a ceremonial role but can agree with the President to pass laws into affect. The PM can only hold office for 6 months unless if re-elected.

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