Echelon-CMEA War
Date December 6–8, 2007
Casus belli CMEA insults Echelon leadership
Result CMEA surrenders

After the conclusion of the Unjust War, CMEA never paid its agreed-upon reparations due to Echelon's constituent alliances The Shadowhood and GAT-ITEC. On December 2, 2007 Echelon director RossGarner entered into negotiations with CMEA leaders Sarriz and Hawk to discuss the situation. It was determined that reps were never paid because a list of receiving nations was never delivered to CMEA. Echelon agreed to dismiss the timing issue and a payment schedule was soon settled upon. At that point, Sarriz and Hawk became verbally hostile, telling RossGarner to “GTFO” a number of times, and making it clear that CMEA had no desire to establish any sort of goodwill with Echelon. In response to Sarriz and Hawk’s insults, RossGarner canceled reparations and informed them that CMEA would be hearing from Echelon again in a few days. On December 6, Echelon declared war.

Surrender terms included:

  • CMEA forfeiture to Echelon the nations of Sarriz and Hawk (Hawk would be free go after a short time, Sarriz would be placed on a perma-ZI list)
  • CMEA is forgiven its debts from the Unjust War
  • Until March 8, 2007:
- CMEA is placed under Echelon protectorate
- CMEA’s treaties are suspended, pending review by Echelon

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