Easter War
Date April 3rd, 2021 - April 11th, 2021
Casus belli Tankobite suspected of leaking private Boognish bloc channels
Result TIE removed from Boognish
Preceded by
Bi-Cycle War

Boognish.png Boognish

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The Phoenix Federation (2nd)

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The Imperial Entente


The Easter War was a war that was fought between Boognish members COBRA, The Phoenix Federation (2nd), & The Imperial Entente over TIE's suspected leaking of government chats in the Boognish bloc channels to Non Grata.

Prelude[edit | edit source]

The Easter War was preceeded by extreme tensions between Boognish and Non Grata. Following the collapse of the COBRA government on February 28th, the balance within the Boognish council shifted decisively against maintaining relations with Non Grata. Near the core of Boognish, The Imperial Entente seemed a strange contradiction within the shifting politics. Being in concept an inter-alliance cooperative; it flew against the idea of the duality purge enacted by "Cobrasphere" in late February. Further, the Emperor of the Entente; Tankobite maintained his personal connections to Non Grata even after its treaties with boognish were broken. This was enough to put TIEs leader under suspicion, making this oldest of the Boognish allies outside Kashmir the next target for the purge

War[edit | edit source]

The war began on Easter Eve, April 3rd, 2021, with Cobra, Kashmir, & TPF targeting Tankobite exclusively and not making any formal declarations of war. These stikes were immediately countered by Entente and Cobras aging founder Lucius Optimus. They attacked Tankobite because they had suspected him of leaking private Boognish chats to Non Grata.

After tensions and mocking reached a fever pitch on the 5th, the war between The Phoenix Federation and Entente escalated and several more TIE nations were hit between that morning and afternoon.

Peace Talks[edit | edit source]

On the evening of April 5th, TIE's brown senator, Shtanto, emerged and reached out across the lines to attempt a de-escalation. His efforts bore fruit and between the night of the 5th and the next morning Lucius Optimus of TIE and Kapleo of TPF created and gave tentative approval to the 'Solais V accord

The main points were as follows:

Solais V accord

  • Ending "The Easter War"
  • Boognish wars on TIE end after this round
  • TIE and Lunn leave brown team in peace
  • Shtanto serves out his term as senator
  • TPF wars end immediately
  • Comms are left open
  • One time 45 day non renewable optional defense pact between TPF and TIE.
  • TIE removed from Boognish

The majority of TPF sent peace offers at this stage. Kashmir gave its approval by the 7th of April. By the 9th COBRA had yet to officially recognize the accord.

On April 11th, 2021, The Easter War ended with the Solais V Accords.

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