East Uralica (Russ. Восточная Уралика, Finn. Itäuralikka) is a Uralican county, retaining its name even after Uralica reached cap size due to the fact that the only counties east of it are named homelands, Yugra and Yamalia.

It comprises the northern half of the former Sverdlovsk Oblast, and specifically, the districts of Serov, Krasnoturjinsk (now Punaturjin), Karpinsk, Novaja Ljalja, Volchansk, Severouralsk, Ivdel', Gari, Sosiva, and Serovsky Rayon. The county seat is the town of Serov. It borders on Southeast Uralica, Yugra, Permski Rayon, and (barely) Central Uralica.

Important Cities and Towns Edit

  • Serov (Finn. Serovi)
  • Punaturjin (Russ. Краснотурьинск)
  • Severouralsk (Finn. Pohjoisuralla)
  • Karpinsk (Finn. Karpilla)
  • Ivdel' (Finn. Ivitelli)
  • Sosiva (Russ. Сосьва)
  • Novaja Ljalja (Finn. Uusijaja)
  • Volchansk (Finn. Volkalla)
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