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The EUFN's Inter Alliance Cup sponsored by Scotland Forever was a proposed football (soccer) tournament created by Emperor Murphy of the EUFN during his first day of his presidency on 1 January 2009. However following Murphy's depture from Planet Bob in February 2009, the cup fell apart.

Who could of played?[]

Any nation of any alliance can join, as long as each alliance has 2 members competing. Only 10 alliances can send nations during one tournament.


  • All competing nations shall sign up onto the Xpert Eleven site in order to compete
  • Those competing must call their teams by the name of their respected nations or otherwise face disqualification.
  • Maximum of teams is 20
  • Only 10 alliances can send 2 nations to compete in the tournament.
  • The tournament lasts for one month with 2 games per week.
  • No politics shall be involved, anyone found to be involved in politics will be disqualified.


The league was created on January 1, 2009 by Emperor Murphy who was the president of the now defunct EUFN and after some dialogue with Prime minister King Dope and Scotland Forever, the tournament would of been sponsored by them.
After a month of negotiations Emperor Murphy left Cyber Nations and EUFN along with thus leaving King Dope to disband the alliance and the cup with it.