Dusanna Technology
FoundedKhatalia, Oyen, Grand Besaid
Founder(s)Mark Rensolf and Alyssa Triuma
HeadquartersKhatalia, Grand Besaid
Area servedWorld, primarily Grand Besaid
Key peopleMark Rensolf (CEO)

Alyssa Triuma (CFO)

Martin Oglefuse (Chairman of the Board of Executives)
ProductsElectronics, Communication Networking, and Computer Equipment
ServicesRepair and Installement of various products
Net income$98,274,650,000

Dusanna Tech was founded by investment giant Mark Rensolf and technology guru Alyssa Triuma in an effort to make an unstoppable electronic and technological giant in the world of the market.

Their hopes were a success, for the company is currently one of the largest technological producers and researchers in the nation. Its unsurpassed quality and service took it to the top many years ago. Though their business is no longer solely in their hands, they still run and operate it, both owning huge shares in the company.

The company is responsible for many of the telecommunication networks and internet accesses within the nation of Grand Besaid. The giant of a company employees roughly 28,000 employees, and makes tons of varying elections from digital cameras and entertainment systems to vital medical electronics and search lights.

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