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Duchy of Brunswick Stadium Authority
Agency overview
Formed February 28, 2009
Jurisdiction Duchy of Brunswick and its provinces
Headquarters Bevern, Duchy of Brunswick
Agency executives Domenikus Reder, Chairman
Hans Temming, Deputy Chairman
Reinhilde Morr, Secretary

The Duchy of Brunswick Stadium Authority is the organization that maintains and operates five stadiums within the Duchy of Brunswick.

Properties of the Authority[]

The following stadiums are property of the Stadium Authority:

  • Braunschweig Sports & Entertainment Complex
  • Bevern Sports & Entertainment Complex
  • Calvorde Aquatic Center
  • Gandersheim Sports Center
  • Wolfenbüttel Sports Center

Uses of the Stadiums[]

  • To house sports events.
  • To provide a venue for entertainment.
  • To provide a venue for public events and ceremonies.
  • To provide shelter in times of crisis.


Notable Tennants[]