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Dual-Membership Agreement or Dual-Membership Treaty (often referred to as DMA or DMT) are a type of interalliance treaty wherein the signatory alliances agree to allow each other’s members to have similar privileges and accesses to those that they give to their own members. These treaties are usually only between very close alliances, and many times only allow for the dual-membership of alliance government as opposed to all members.

DMTs are usually built into special MDoAPs or MADPs, they may also be present in small or close knit blocs. One of the best examples of a DMT is the Härmlin Accords between Mostly Harmless Alliance and The Grämlins, though this treaty has since been canceled.


Other forms of multiple-membership agreements, such as tri-membership agreements (TMAs) have also existed, such as the Descendants of Avatar treaty between Amazon Nation, Pax Corvus and Ubercon.

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