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The Dre4myRogal <3 accords

Rogal Dorn

Treaty Type: Lulzy MADP
Treaty Signed: January 16, 2012
Treaty Status: Active

The Dre4myRogal <3 accords is an eternal Lulzy MADP between Dre4mwe4ver and Rogal Dorn. It was announced in the GATO embassy on NPO's forums on January 16, 2012.

The Dre4myRogal <3 accords were announced due to Dan100's joking declaration of war on Rogal Dorn on the GATO forums; "Btw I Declare on Rogal ^_^ FARK/FAN style: No real reason :P".

Dre4mwe4ver rebutted Dan's declaration of war with "In that case, I activate my sekrit MDAP with Rogal. Because that treaty is totally legit, even if no one, not even Rogal, knows about it."

A day later Rogal and Dre4m drafted this treaty for fun and because they were bored. Dre4m announced it on the NPO forum's GATO embassy while Rogal announced it on the GATO forum's NPO embassy.

The Dre4myRogal <3 accords[edit | edit source]

article 1: Fact: Rogal and Dre are awesome
article 2: friends tell each other everything, especially when it concerns each other
article 3: friends have each other's back in brawls (or slap fests)
article 4: BFF's, this treaty is only defunct when one Dre or Rogal succumbs to RL-itus


Dre4mwe4ver, Supreme Leader of the Nation of Fidensgen, Proud Member of the General Assembly of the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization, Former Congressman, Former Justice of the High Court, Former Minister of Finance, Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Former Founder of #Invicta, The Guardian of Left Right Out of the Hooligans, the Official Spokesperson of The Imperial Order, Authorized Sgummo Ball Chopper, and "the guy who hails Invicta on the owf."

Rogal 'trouble' Dorn

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