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Dragon Air is Dragonial's flag carrier and largest domestic and international airline company, with hubs in Cape City and Capital City. It is also known in Afrikaans as Draak Lugdiens although this version of the name no longer appears on the airline's livery.


Dragon Air's Logo.



In 1994, Gerhard Du Preez, former CEO of Trans Indian Air appeared to the DAD (Dragonial Air Association) with a proposal. Dragonial has always left the airlines to the private sector, Du Preez thought that a national carrier would not just benefit the general public, but would also make the government a profit.

Early Days[]

In the first few months Dragon Air only served as a domestic carrier between Capital City, Bloemfontein and Cape City. Making a great load of money, the government decided to finally go international.

After deciding to go international, the government made Dragon Air Public (controlled by private board, and partly by the government).


Dragon Air operates intercontinental routes to every corner of the globe. Service to Transvaal will resume on April 8, 2009. Most international and intercontinental flights operate from Capital City. The only intercontinental route from Cape City is to Washington. Dragon Air also operates numerous domestic and regional routes.


Dragon Air uses ten 737-300s for domestic use, and five Airbus A380s, Boeing 747s and Boeing 727s for international use. Bringing the fleet total to twenty-five planes.

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