Dorgons are large and muscular in stature often resembling Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, however, lacking in the adorableness that our favourites Disney hero has. They are human but at night, turn into large winged creatures that devour Zionists and Republicans. This is believed to be their primary food source, though they enjoy snacking on the Torah.

Dorgons are extremely vicious and will attack or mate with anything on sight so it is preferred if you approach with caution. If you do choose to be rather silly and avoid my warning, approach very slowly with a stick. With luck, they will see the stick and not you, allowing you to throw the stick as a distraction. All reporters from CNN use this method but the cameramen aren't always this fortunate. There have been many cases and witness sightings of cameramen and locals being viciously mated with.

Please avoid these creatures, especially if you're a Zionist.

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