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Remembrance Day. This is a member of the Remembrance Day series.

Doom Day
Date February 21st, 2015
Result The Order of the Paradox surrenders to the Fellowship of the Wolves, ending the Doom War.
Preceded by
Pack Day
Succeeded by
Freehold Day

Doom Day is a Remembrance Day in honor of the conclusion of the Doom War. FTW's victory over its enemies in one of CN's largest wars led to its eventual rise as a superpower.


The Doom War dragged a large portion of the world's powers into the fray. Following an attack on FTW's ally, the Orange Defense Network, FTW declared war against the New Polar Order.

Doom WarEdit

FTW held its own in defense of its allies, declaring war against NpO, Sparta, and Alpha Wolves, protecting the flanks and ensuring that attacks from the enemy were promptly countered. Because of such, a little over a month-and-a-half of determined fighting on FTW's end led to the surrender of the majority of the enemy coalition on January 7th.

It was when TOP finally capitulated on February 21st that the war ended in all earnest, and peace settled over Bob once more.

The AftermathEdit

Following the events of the Doom War, FTW's status as a dutiful ally and strong fighter secured its position as one of Bob's greater rising alliances. Its status as a fearsome fighter continued to the days of Founding Day, where its position as one of the world's superpowers was due, in no small part, to their victory in Doom.

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