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Don Fernando was a small but eager young nation. He resided in the Defense Confederation for about a year, becoming their Minster of Internal Affairs, as well as the Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs shortly before he left. While at DefCon, he defended the alliance valiantly against the STA and USN foes. After many weeks of debate, the nation of Pookers moved from its safe haven in DefCon to another group better suited for his people; this is where he found the Poison Clan. It truly was love at first sight, as he was welcomed with open arms. The Poison Brotherhood accepted him as one of their own, protected and guided him, and carved him into the sculpted nation the he is today. He currently resides within the walls of the Poison Clan, he is the Minister of Finance, and is currently the Pink Team Senator for Poison Clan. (Last updated 1/6/09)

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