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Established 5/28/2010
Nation Team Team: Red Red


The nation of Eschlande was founded by Dominius on 24 February 2009. He remained unaligned for a period of time and was eventually tech raided by another nation. Having beaten that nation up in the war, Dom concluded that it was best to seek protection from a larger alliance, and thus joined the New Pacific Order.

New Pacific Order[]

Once in the Order, Dom joined a few departments including Media, in particular the writing, graphics and wiki divisions. After a period of time as a scribe, Dom was promoted to the rank of Senior Correspondent, and finally head of the writing as the Copy Editor. In graphics he went from being an Artist to the rank of Graphics Officer. Finally in Wiki he joined as a Wiki Author, before eventually retiring to focus on his other Media work. Dom is also a member of the tech corps and helps procurer tech for larger nations.

Some of the most influential people on him include Kernzi, his former mentor who helped Dom fit into the Order. Also, there is Thomas Richmond, a good friend and fellow writer who is able to think up new ideas to help improve the Order. For Dom, his most memorable moment was after being attacked by two nations from Sparta and having Pacifica defend him. It was also the moment that he became less concerned with nation strength, and more concerned about the interal workings of Pacifica.

After having a short break, Dom returned to the Order in late May 2010, and was rapidly accepted as a member. He now looks to the future, including once more helping out in the Media Corps.


War History[]

Dom's NPO War Ribbon Bar