This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded.
Dominion Institution of Carnal Killers
DICK Official Flag

DICK Official Flag
DICK Motto: DICKs rule.
Team Color Blue team.gif Blue
Founder(s) The Enraged & Waka Pola
Founded 8/17/12
Leader(s) Waka Pola & the Enraged
' Waka Pola & the Enraged
International relations DICK is currently having talks with multiple alliances. Relations with the International remain strained over recent accusations.

The Dominion Institution of Carnal Killers (DICK or DIoCK) is a small alliance founded by The Enraged and Wakalokia on August 17, 2012.

The Rise of Dick[edit | edit source]

Dominion Institution of Carnal Killers was founded by Wakalokia and the Burning Skies during a time of post-Dave War turmoil in the International. Wakalokia (Waka Pola) joined the International during the Octavius Incident, and met the Burning Skies (the Enraged). They had very similar views, and commonly shared messages of breaking apart from the International and creating a new alliance. The Dave War begun during their planning to create DICK. While the two nations already had problems with the alliance, the war pushed them further. And on 8/16/12, the two nations made the formal announcement of sovereignty.

Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

The Dominion Institution of Carnal Killers has contacted R&R and holds an embassy with NoR. An incident involving the NPL, CRAP, and DICK almost launched a new war. While the DICK was still young, the Enraged began to send out messages to the alliances that the International fought in the Dave War. The messages were sent to the NPL, CRAP, and NoR. The messages said that DICK was attempting to make a super-alliance to destroy the International, and the C&G alliances. Waka Pola made a statement, quoting, " The messages were false, the Enraged was radical, and hates the International. " NPL reported to the International about the messages, and DICK was contacted about the messages. The Enraged was held accountable, but not punished. There is still word that DICK is plotting to destroy the International, since they are frequent with R&R and NoR. On 8/27/12, DICK declared all-out war against the International, its C&G allies, and the Mushroom Kingdom. The DICK War is widely unpopular among the citizens of planet Bob, but so far, only alliances actively fighting in the conflict are DICK, the International, and GOONS.

The Fall of DICK[edit | edit source]

DICK entered into a conflict with The International (known as the DICK War, and as a result, the alliance was forced to disband.

Rumors of a Revival[edit | edit source]

Rumors have been surfacing since early 2013 that DICK may stage a revival, with possible agents placed in multiple high-profile alliances across planet Bob.

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