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Divine Providence Party of Chalion
Partédo Providénce Divyno dy Chalion
Divine Providence Party
IdeologyReligious reactionism
Fiscal positionVery conservative
Social positionVery conservative
ChairmanIllius dy Heron
Official colors      Gold
Seats in the
- Grand Council

42 of 87

The Divine Providence Party of Chalion is a political party in the nation of Chalion. Founded in 1851, it was in uninterrupted control of the Grand Council of Chalion for well over a century until the 2011 election. The Divine Providence Party is highly conservative (even reactionary), and appeals to the traditional religious character of the majority of Chalionese citizens. The Party is opposed to the secularization of the Chalionese government under Ias dy Cazaril, mainly because it is run behind-the-scenes by the Quintarian church. Its main rival for political superiority is dy Cazaril's recently-formed Secular Progressive party, which broke the PPDC's majority in this year's election.

The symbol of the Divine Providence party is the crow, a bird that has great religious significance in Chalion.