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Marauder of Propaganda
Assumed office
January 2010
Preceded by Jrenster

Dissident is a user with a long and storied history of mediocrity and self-destruction. His current in-game persona can be found at Adrian Veidt, but he still goes as "Dissident" in IRC and on alliance forums.

The /b/eginning[]

Dissident joined /b/ near the middle of its peak (late 2006) after hearing about it on the eponymous internet location of such great infamy. His interest in the game waned quickly and he left, coming back shortly to have a few laughs at the subsequent crashing of the game and spamming of the forums by Monkt, among others.

The NTO Era[]

The second era of Dissident began in at some point in 2007 with his entry into the Northern Treaty Organization, recruited by Cirus and others. NTO, as most people were aware at the time, was an alliance of former /b/ members who wanted to continue playing the game. Things went well, and Dissident made his way into the government as Minister of Defense. Several months into his tenure, he, Moloch, fdarsafarg, and SOS-Dan were elected to all NTO government positions and created the first NTO troll government. Things went well for a couple of days, until Moloch and fdarsafarg began making trouble for GGA, the unofficial nemesis of NTO. The episode ended with the troll government performing a kamikaze attack on GGA and putting the rest of NTO into a great deal of hot water. This ends the NTO era.

At some point between the intervening period, this was posted as the content of this wiki article:

One of the last few real members of the NTO and a true /b/tard. Launched an attack on the Gay Menace, Bilrow, when all seemed lost.

From Imperial Subject to Sith[]

The third era of Dissident was initiated when Mayuri-sama, creator of NTO, sent a YouTube message to Dissident for the purposes of catching up and passing on that he was in the process of creating yet another CN alliance. Dissident rejoined the game for the third time as Adrian Veidt and joined Carpe Diem to wait along with other former NTO members for the creation of this new alliance. In a period of great activity, the Imperium of Man was born, with Dissident as Lord Commander Militant. The festivities were short-lived though, as inactivity set in quickly and IoM soon disbanded. Breaking from historical precedent, Dissident did not follow his comrades when IoM attacked CD as their last act and instead joined the New Sith Order along with other IoM refugees. He was inducted into the government as Marauder of Recruitment and works today for the improvement of the Order.