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Disparu News Network
Réseau Disparu
TypeBroadcast radio network
Television network
AvailabilityNational and international
MottoLa voix des gens du pays
OwnerGovernment of Disparu
Key peopleRémy Croquetaigne (president)
Launch date26 February 2009

Disparu News Network (French: Réseau Disparu), more commonly referred to as DNN internationally and RD within Disparu, is Disparu's national public radio and television broadcaster. Within Disparu, it is broadcast in French, although localized broadcasts in languages such as Inuktitut are also available. It is also broadcast internationally in English. It was launched on 26 February 2009 from the CBC's former assets in Quebec.

Most of its programming consists of local and international news and current affairs. There are also some non-news programs such as satirical shows (such as Cette Heure A Vingt-Deux Minutes), documentaries, talk shows and sports (such as Hockey Night in Disparu).

As it is owned by the Government of Disparu, it is often the first to broadcast announcements by the government. Its role in broadcasting the Government's international dealings has given it an international reputation in being the government's messenger.


The network is available nationally in Disparu through terrestrial and cable systems. Towns and cities near the Disparuean border can also receive broadcasts from DNN. Live broadcasts are usually streamed online, and recorded shows are often uploaded on DNN's website.

DNN's radio service, RD/Radio, is available over the air throughout Disparu on both AM and FM frequencies. Broadcasts are also available via Sirius Satellite Radio and the Internet.

Its television service is broadcast internationally as DNN/International. Both are available on several cable providers. Furthermore, broadcasts are available via satellite and the Internet. This service focus more on international news, although it also broadcasts Disparuean news on a regular basis.

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