Disparu-Arctica Treaty
Type of treaty Territorial, NAP
Drafted 1 September 2009
Signed 17 September 2009
Effective 17 September 2009
Signatories Arctica, Disparu
Language English
The Disparu-Arctica Treaty (DAT) is an active territorial and NAP treaty between the nations of Disparu and Arctica.


Talks of the territorial treaty began when Disparu annexed several Arctic islands. Since several Arctican submarines passed through the area (forming a route between Arctica's Arctic holdings and Arctican Madagascar), the Arctican government decided to enter into talks with the Government of Disparu to ensure the safety of these submarines. An Arctican diplomat was sent to Jubilife in order to negotiate and discuss terms. The talks went fairly well, and on 17 September 2009, the treaty was announced and signed by both parties.

The treaty was temporarily suspended following the fall of Disparu, but was quickly reactivated after the Second Quiet Revolution.

Text of the TreatyEdit

Article IEdit

The Government of Disparu shall allow Submarine Cargo Vessels (SCVs) from Arctica to pass through Disparuean territorial waters while on voyages between Madagascar and the Arctican northern holdings.

Article IIEdit

Disparu shall not occupy or claim any territories adjacent to Arctica's northern holdings.

Article IIIEdit

The Government of Arctica shall inform the Government of Disparu of any major difficulties, course changes and anything major that concerns the SCVs and the SCVs designated route.

Article IVEdit

Both Disparu and Arctica shall agree to not commit acts of war against the other signatory. Any conflicts must be handled by diplomacy at all costs.

Article VEdit

If either signatory decides to cancel the treaty, a ninety-six hour notice must be given.


For the Federation of Disparu

For the Union of Arctica

  • HE Vedran I, Sovereign of Arctica
  • HG Shadon, Thurokiir
  • HG Sylvia, Mundokiir

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