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Director of
of Infinity Institute

since February 4, 2010
Term length2 Months
Inaugural holderFA_Hayek
FormationJuly 27, 2009
WebsiteInfinity Institute (Members Only Website)

The Director of Infinity Institute is in charge of all membership training. The Constitution of The Infinity Alliance states:

The Director of Infinity Institute shall have the responsibility to create guides to properly educate the alliance, to create an entrance exam as outlined by the legislature, and create and award degree programs in particular fields.

History of the Position[]

When FA_Hayek joined the Infinity Alliance, he decided that he was going to chronicle his extensive Cybernations knowledge to be used by the alliance. At first, the Institute was a Management Center in his Triumvirate Office. He offered to give anyone a Nation Audit or help set up systems within the alliance to help things run smoothly. To help with this mission, he set up several basic economics lessons in his Brewing Company Forum area(entitle "Austrian Beir"). Soon afterward, Infinity Institute was created, and the brewing company vanished. After FA_Hayek had created several more Economics lessons, the Constitution of TIA placed it in its official structure, creating the Official government position of Infinity Institute.

Past Director of Infinity Institute[]

  • FA_Hayek – July 27, 2009 to February 4, 2010
  • Ichabod – February 4, 2010 to present
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