Director of
of Infinity Global
Zenith Frost

since July 27, 2009
Term length2 Months
Inaugural holderFA_Hayek
FormationJuly 10, 2009

The role of Director of Infinity Global has transformed drastically from the new and original Constitutions of the Infinity Alliance. While the premise of the role has remained constant, the jurisdiction of the position has dramatically increase. The role of the Director of Infinity Financial and some of the responsibilities of the Director of Infinity Central were merged into the Director of Infinity Global.

According to the Constitution, the role of the Director of Infinity Global is:

The Director of Infinity Global shall have the responsibility to represent the alliance abroad, to run and maintain a volunteer network of tech traders to be used by all nations on Planet Bob to promote the tech trade at home and abroad, and maintain an alliance fact-book to be published on foreign forums, and an accurate wiki page on the Cybernations wiki.

History of the PositionEdit

The Director of Infinity Global was created to organize alliance's efforts abroad and be the chief diplomat. Under the original Constitution, this role was specifically representing the alliance on other alliances forums and on the Cybernations Forum.

The Constitution specifically mentions:

  1. Masking new envoys and creating their respective embassies.
  2. Drafting any diplomatic documents.
  3. Appointing and removing envoys.
  4. Negotiating peace and surrender terms, in conjunction with the Director of Infinity United.

FA_Hayek served the original Constitutions role of Director of Infinity Global. As head of foreign affairs, FA_Hayek worked to sign the GOP Declaration of Neutrality and the creation and promotion of their own declaration of neutrality. He also worked with Zenith to secure the protectorate agreement with NpO.

The Constitutional Convention revamped and expanded the role of Director of Infinity Global. Under the new Constitution, the Director became in charge of economic wing of the alliance, including tech and resource trade.

After the Constitutional Convention, FA_Hayek moved to the newly created position of Director of Infinity Institute. Zenith quickly filled the role.

He maintained and perserved the alliances neutrality and prevent any alliance wars. Using the NpO protectorate as a base, he organized the NpO tech deal program, which promoted prosperity and peace in the alliance.

On January 1, 2010, Zenith led the alliance out of neutrality, and signed a Non-aggression Pact with the Christian Coalition of Countries.

Treaties of The Infinity AllianceEdit


Past Director of Infinity CentralEdit

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