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Director of
of Infinity Central

since February 4, 2010
Term length2 Months
Inaugural holderkelseygirl
FormationJuly 10, 2009

The Director of Infinity Central is in charge of maintenance of the forums and websites of the alliance. The Constitution of The Infinity Alliance states:

Infinity Central shall have the responsibility to maintain and create the necessary forums and
websites of The Infinity Alliance.

History of the Position[]

The Director of Infinity Centrals original position was in charge of all matters considered domestic.

The Constitution listed these specifically:

  1. Appointing and removing Deputy Directors.
  2. Masking new members.
  3. Overseeing alliance protocol.
  4. Delivering a monthly address to the Senate on the state and progress of the alliance.
  5. Taking precedence in monitoring the forums.

Kelseygirl was the only member to serve under this Constitution.

Under the new Constitution, the position morphed from the original position to simply managing and maintaing the forum for the alliance. The first Director was Kelseygirl. Kelseygirl was not as experienced at maintaining the forums as the position required, but was a fast learner. After disputes with Director of Infinity United Britishdude resulted in a court-case, Kelseygirl resigned her post and left the alliance. After some time with the position unfilled, RedZero became the new Director. Under his leadership, the position has expanded to some degree, but remains to be a maintenance position.

Past Director of Infinity Central[]

  • Kelseygirl - July 10, 2009 to September 12, 2009
  • Unfilled – September 12, 2009 to October 25, 2009
  • RedZero – October 25, 2009 to February 4, 2010
  • moon – February 4, 2010 to present
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