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Großgermanian Diplomatic Missions

Diplomatic Missions of Großgermania in April 2010. Blue indicates countries with diplomatic representation from Großgermania.

Großgermania currently maintains forty-six embassies and other diplomatic missions in various nations around the world. Despite the large number of missions maintained by Germany and the other states that merged to form Großgermania in 2008, international instability and the emergence of numerous new nations on the international scene, specifically following the decline of the United States of America, saw Germany's international representation decline dramatically.

The Treaty of Kraków, signed between Russia, the European Union, and the Association of Germanic States, which paved the way for the formation of Großgermania, forced the closure of all of the missions of the predecessor states of Großgermania. Although several of them reopened shortly afterwards as embassies of the Imperial Government of Großgermania, the nation's diplomatic position has never fully recovered.

This article lists the diplomatic missions of Großgermania around the world, organized alphabetically by continent.

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Land of Egypt
Flag of Copto-Islamic Egypt
Capital: Alexandria

Land of EgyptEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Egypt
  • Conventional Long Form: Land of Egypt
  • Official Name: أرض مصر (ar), ⲔⲁⳉⲢⲉⲙ̀ⲛⲭⲏⲙⲓ (cop), אֶרֶץ מצרים (he)
  • Location of Mission: Alexandria
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Klaus Schönnebrun

Perhaps the world's first truly antisecular state, the Land of Egypt was formed following the collapse of the Arab Republic of Egypt following the annexation of the Western portion of the country into Italian North Africa in February 2008. While greatly incorporating religion into the country's politics, Egypt is not a theocracy; rather, it is a confederation of four religious-based communities: Egyptian Muslims, accounting for approximately 80% of the population; Copts (approximately 20%), as well as minority Bahá'í and Jewish populations. The country is ruled by a tetrarchy from Alexandria. Relations between Egypt and Großgermania began with an exchanging of ambassadors in Cairo on 5 May 2010. The Großgermanian ambassador to Egypt is Klaus Schönnebrun.

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Capital: El Aaiún

Sahrawi Arab Democratic RepublicEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Western Sahara
  • Conventional Long Form: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
  • Official Name: الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية الديمقراطية (ar)
  • Location of Mission: El Aaiún
  • Mission type: High Commission
  • Großgermanian Representative: Michael Arbogast

The last colonial state of Africa, Western Sahara was for nearly thirty-five years occupied by Morocco. Although independence was initially proclaimed in 1976, the territory was for decades held by Morocco, who claimed the territory as its own. Full independence from Morocco was only recognized by the United Nations in February 2009. Großgermania immediately moved to recognize the state, and opened a high Commission in the capital, El Aaiún. Negotiations have taken place between the two nations to upgrade the facility to an embassy, but nothing has yet been finalized. The Großgermanian representative to Western Sahara is Michael Arbogast.

Asia Edit

Arabian Federation
Flag of the Federation of Arabia
Capital: Riyadh

Arabian FederationEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Arabia
  • Conventional Long Form: Arabian Federation
  • Official Name: الاتحاد العربي (ar)
  • Location of Mission: Riyadh
  • Mission type: Consulate
  • Großgermanian Representative: Conrad Drescher

Although largely considered by the international community to be a client state of Italy, the Arabian Federation maintains normal diplomatic relations with Großgermania, one of only three states which do so (the others being Finland and Italy itself). Großgermania maintains an embassy in Riyadh, the nation's capital, where Conrad Drescher serves as ambassador. The Federation of Arabia does not maintain any diplomatic presence in Großgermania.

Kingdom of Bahrain
Capital: Manama

Kingdom of BahrainEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Bahrain
  • Conventional Long Form: Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Official Name: مملكة البحرين (ar)
  • Location of Mission: Manama
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Walter Möller

Relations between the Kingdom of Bahrain, a small island kingdom in the Persian Gulf, and Großgermania have been strong since the establishment of a Bahraini embassy in Großgermania shortly after the Unification of Germania in December 2008. Großgermania has subsequently opened an embassy in Manama, and has began negotiations for establishment of a naval base within Bahraini waters, though nothing has been confirmed by either state regarding this.

Kingdom of Bhutan
Capital: Thimphu

Kingdom of BhutanEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Bhutan
  • Conventional Long Form: Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Official Name: འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ (dz)
  • Location of Mission: Thimphu
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Walter Gehrer

The Kingdom of Bhutan has, despite its remoteness and overall international obscurity, played a large role in Großgermanian government policy. Relations between the two countries began when Großgermania opened an embassy in Thimphu, the capital, in September 2009. Shortly thereafter, a meeting was held outside Thimphu between the countries' monarchs. During the meeting, details of Bhutan's national ideology of gross national happiness were discussed, leading to Emperor Michael von Preußen's declaration of a happiness-based economy.

Islamic Republic of Iran
Capital: Tehran

Islamic Republic of IranEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Iran
  • Conventional Long Form: Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Official Name: جمهوری اسلامی ایران (fa)
  • Location of Mission: Tehran
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Adaleiz Tabrizi

Großgermanian relations with Iran have been strong since its formation, in large part due to strained relations between Großgermania and the State of Israel, though many political analysts see the cause-and-effect situation to be reversed. Großgermania exchanged ambassadors with Iran in January 2009 at a ceremony held in Tehran, where Großgermania's embassy to Iran is located. A German-Iranian politician, Sahra Wagenknecht, was named Großgermanian Minister of the Treasury in January 2009. Großgermania's ambassador to Iran is Adaleiz Tabrizi, a German-Iranian professor who had previously taught at the University of Tehran. Tabrizi is the only woman to occupy a Großgermanian ambassadorial post.

Greater Japanese Empire
Flag of Japan (1870)
Capital: Kyoto

Greater Japanese EmpireEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Japan
  • Conventional Long Form: Greater Japanese Empire
  • Official Name: 大日本帝國 (ja)
  • Location of Mission: Kyoto
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Wilhelm V. Solf

Relations between Großgermania and the Greater Japanese Empire began on 7 September 2009 when Großgermania established an embassy in Kyoto, the new Japanese capital. Following this, Großgermania signed onto a mutual defense agreement that had previously been established between Japan and several other nations, notably the Republic of Jerna. Japan has since opened an embassy in Nordhausen. The current Großgermanian ambassador to Japan is Wilhelm V. Solf, the great-grandson of the German ambassador to Japan during the Second World War.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Capital: Amman

Hashemite Kingdom of JordanEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Jordan
  • Conventional Long Form: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Official Name: المملكة الأردنية الهاشميه (ar)
  • Location of Mission: Amman
  • Mission type: High Commission
  • Großgermanian Representative: Klaus Shönberg

Relations between Großgermania and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan began on 2 May 2009 with the appointment of Klaus Shönberg as the Großgermanian ambassador to Jordan and the announcement that Großgermania would be opening an embassy in Amman. Israel, with whom Jordan has maintained normal relations since 1994, protested the move, and, to appease its neighbor, the Jordanian government refused the request for a diplomatic permit to open an embassy. The post was then downgraded to that of a high commission, and, despite Israeli protests, Jordan granted a permit for the opening.

Lebanese Republic
Capital: Beirut

Lebanese RepublicEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Lebanon
  • Conventional Long Form: Lebanese Republic
  • Official Names: اَلْجُمْهُورِيَّة اَللُّبْنَانِيَّة (ar), République Libanaise (fr)
  • Location of Mission: Beirut
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Martin Schicklgruber

Lebanese–Großgermanian relations have, despite negative influence from Israel, been extremely strong since Großgermania's foundation. Lebanon was the first country to open an embassy in Großgermania, doing so only a week after the declaration of Großgermania's unification. Soon after, Großgermania reciprocated the move, opening an embassy in Beirut. Alsace-Lorraine, as a constituent country of Großgermania, participated in the 2009 Jeux de la Francophonie which were held in Beirut. The Großgermanian ambassador to Lebanon is Martin Schicklgruber.

State of Palestine
Capital: East Jerusalem
Ramallah, Gaza

State of PalestineEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Palestine
  • Conventional Long Form: State of Palestine
  • Official Name: ولة فلسطين‎ (ar)
  • Location of Mission: Gaza
  • Mission type: High Commission
  • Großgermanian Representative: Tönjes Hoekstra

Although the State of Palestine exists primarily under Israeli occupation, it is recognized as a sovereign state by the Imperial Government of Großgermania. Per the results of the 2006 Palestinian legislative election, Großgermania recognizes Hamas, and its political appointments, as the sole legitimate government of Palestine. Since April 2010, this recognition has been mutually exclusive with any possible future recognition of Israel, as an Imperial decree of 20 April recognized the State of Palestine as the sole legal successor state to those areas of the British Mandate of Palestine west of the River Jordan. Großgermania maintains a high commission in Gaza, the de facto capital of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Syrian Arab Republic
Capital: Damascus

Syrian Arab RepublicEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Syria
  • Conventional Long Form: Syrian Arab Republic
  • Official Name: الجمهورية العربية السورية (ar)
  • Location of Mission: Damascus
  • Mission type: Permanent Mission
  • Großgermanian Representative: Emmerich Zimmerman

In a symbolic move to promote the strengthening of Lebanese–Syrian relations, Großgermania opened a permanent mission in Damascus, Syria on the same day as it opened its embassy in Lebanon. As with Iran, Syrian–Germanian relations have been strengthened by Israel's unwillingness to accept Großgermania's sovereignty. The Großgermanian representative to Syria is Emmerich Zimmerman.

Tamil Eelam
Flag of Tamil Eelam (new)
Capital: Trincomalee

Tamil EelamEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: None
  • Conventional Long Form: Tamil Eelam
  • Official Name: தமிழீழம் (ta)
  • Location of Mission: Trincomalee
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Aadalazhagan Pragasapuramam

Relations between Großgermania and Tamil Eelam began on 29 December 2008 when Emperor Michael von Preußen issued an Imperial Decree recognizing the sovereignty and independence of the state from Sri Lanka, decrying the government of the latter as a terrorist entity and calling for the United Nations to pursue charges of genocide against the Government of Sri Lanka for the atrocities committed against the Tamil people. Großgermania subsequently opened an embassy in Trincomalee, the Tamil capital, and appointed a native, Aadalazhagan Pragasapuramam, as ambassador. Großgermania has has also donated millions of reichsmark in military equipment and civil aid to the Tamil government to help bolster their defenses against Sinhalese aggression, and has offered unconditional refugee status to any Tamils who wish to relocate to Großgermania.

Europe Edit

Baltic Duchy
Flag of the Baltic Duchy
Capital: Riga

Baltic DuchyEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Baltica
  • Conventional Long Form: Baltic Duchy
  • Official Names: Balti Hertsogiriik (et), Baltijas Hercogiste (lv), Baltijos Kunigaikštystė (lt)
  • Location of Mission: Riga
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Sebastian von Pilchau

Bordering Großgermania to the east, the Baltic Duchy serves as a buffer state between Großgermania and Russia. Großgermania exchanged ambassadors with Baltica in February 2009, opening an embassy in Riga and appointing Sebastian von Pilchau as ambassador. During the Russo-Germanian War, Baltica gave permission for the crossing of Großgermanian troops loyal to Michael von Preußen through its territory, but it was deemed unnecessary due to a secret treaty between Poland and Russia that allowed crossing of troops through Poland instead.

Republic of Finland
Flag of the Republic of Finland
Capital: Helsinki

Republic of FinlandEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Finland
  • Conventional Long Form: Republic of Finland
  • Official Name: Suomen Tasavalta (fi)
  • Location of Mission: Helsinki
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Ägidius Abplanalp

The Republic of Finland and Großgermania have maintained strong relations since Großgermania opened an embassy in Helsinki. A fascist nation, relations were strained under Alexandra von Nassau's left-wing government, however, they were restored following the Russo-Germanian War, which Finland provided naval support in. The Großgermanian ambassador to Finland is Ägidius Abplanalp.

Free Hellenic Republic
Flag of the Free Hellenic Republic
Capital: Thessalonika

Free Hellenic RepublicEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Free Greece
  • Conventional Long Form: Free Hellenic Republic
  • Official Name: Δωρεάν Ελληνική Δημοκρατία (el)
  • Location of Mission: Thessalonika
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Sigmund van der Hague

Relations between the Free Hellenic Republic and Großgermania began in early 2009 when Greece was granted independence from Demokratikos after a bitter struggle. In order to help secure their fragile economy, the Greek parliament passed the Debt Bondage Bill, effectively legalizing slavery. After failed negotiations with the Greek government and with the government of Italy, an ally of Greece, Großgermania instituted a full economic embargo against Greece. This move was largely seen as not being forceful enough for the situation by the Reichstag, creating tension between that body and the Emperor that eventually led to a coup d'état against the Emperor in May 2009. The Großgermanian ambassador to Free Greece is Sigmund van der Hague.

Eyríki Jökulmær
Flag of Eyriki Jokulmaer
Capital: Reykjavík

Eyríki JökulmærEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Iceland
  • Conventional Long Form: Island Realm of the Glacial Maiden
  • Official Name: Eyríki Jökulmær (is)
  • Location of Mission: Reykjavík
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Detlef Rittershausen

Iceland was among the first nations outside of continental Europe where Großgermania opened an embassy, due in large part to its strategic importance in the mid-Atlantic. Its capital, Reykjavik, is a major hub of Germanialuft, Großgermania's flag carrier airline. Following the overthrow of the Republic of Iceland in January 2009, a monarchical government was formed with economic policies similar to those of National Unionism used in Großgermania. The Großgermanian ambassador to Iceland is Detlef Rittershausen.

Republic of Ireland
Capital: Dublin

Republic of IrelandEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Ireland
  • Conventional Long Form: Republic of Ireland
  • Alternate Official Name: Poblacht na hÉireann (ga)
  • Locations of Mission: Dublin
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Klaus Hartmann

Following the breakup of the United Kingdom in early 2008, the countries of Ireland and Northern Ireland officially merged to form the Republic of Ireland. Existing under a socialist economic system, the country exchanged ambassadors with Großgermania in March 2009, shortly before the signing of the Derry Accords, establishing protection of the fledgling Irish state from external aggression (specifically from Great Britain) in exchange for its adoption of democratic political reforms. The Großgermanian ambassador to Ireland is Klaus Hartmann.

Colonial Empire of the
Italian Peninsula
Flag of the Italian Peninsula
Capital: Rome

Colonial Empire of the Italian PeninsulaEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Italy
  • Conventional Long Form: Colonial Empire of the Italian Peninsula
  • Official Name: Coloniale Impero del Italiano Penisola (it)
  • Locations of Missions: Rome, Tripoli, Addis Ababa
  • Mission types: Embassy (Rome), Consulates (Tripoli and Addis Ababa)
  • Großgermanian Representatives: Martin von Habenhausen (Rome), Adelinda Duerr (Tripoli), Emil Gottlieb (Addis Ababa)

Sharing Großgermania's longest border, Italy restored its monarchal government shortly before the formation of Großgermania. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Elia Giordani, the Italian Republic underwent a series of territorial expansions in the early 2000s, resuming control of the Adriatic Sea and establishing colonies in Africa. Relations between Großgermania and Italy, initially tense due to perceived communistic tendencies in the Großgermanian government, soon warmed when Großgermania joined the Council of European Fascists and attended their annual meeting in Madrid. During the coup d'état in May 2009, Rome served as the seat of Michael von Preußen's government-in-exile. After supporting Michael von Preußen's return to power, Italy opened an embassy in Nordhausen. Großgermania maintains an embassy and two consulates in Italy, with its primary ambassador being Martin von Habenhausen.

North America Edit

Federation of Disparu
Flag of Disparu
Capital: Férin

Federation of DisparuEdit

See also: Disparu–Großgermania relations
  • Conventional Short Form: Disparu
  • Conventional Long Form: Federation of Disparu
  • Alternate Official Names: Fédération du Disparu (fr)
  • Location of Mission: Férin
  • Mission type: Embassy
  • Großgermanian Representative: Wilhelm Mitchell

One of the few countries in recent years to form within the constitutional framework of a liberal democracy, Disparu and Großgermania exchanged ambassadors via a Disparuean government program on 28 August 2009. Although the two nations have followed vastly different domestic and foreign agendas, Disparu and Großgermania have maintained cordial relations, with Disparu currently being the only power recognized in the former territory of Canada (though Großgermania had previously recognized American claims to the southern Maritimes, Disparu has since annexed these territories as the department of the Gaspésie). Disparu was one of the first nations to ratify the Berlin Treaty, an environmental protection measure endorsed by the Imperial Government of Großgermania. Großgermanian cooperative Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug e.G. sold numerous military aircraft to the Disparuean Forces in early May 2010. Following Disparuean withdrawal from Labrador in June 2010, Großgermania acknowledged the loss of Disparuean sovereignty over the territory. Despite this, Großgermania did not open diplomatic relations with the newly-established Republic of Labrador occupying that territory. Maintaining an embassy at 7 rue Eszett, Férin, the Großgermanian ambassador to Disparu is Wilhelm Mitchell.

Principality of Tartupaluk
Flag of Tartupaluk
Capital: Suursaq

Principality of TartupalukEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Tartupaluk
  • Conventional Long Form: Principality of Tartupaluk
  • Alternate Official Names: ᑕᕐᑐᐸᓗᒃᒥ ᕕᕐᔅᑎᕹᕻᕕᒃ (iu)
  • Location of Mission: Suursaq
  • Mission type: Permanent Representation
  • Großgermanian Representative: Johannes von Petersdorff

Großgermania established diplomatic relations with the Principality of Tartupaluk in August 2009, shortly after the foundation of Suursaq. Although Tartupaluk had declared sovereignty on 13 August 2006, its sustainability and independence was only ensured with the 2009 collapse of Canada. Denmark, the only other state to claim the Principality's territory, renounced extra-European claims when it became a constituent country of Großgermania in 2008. Due to land use constraints, the Government of Tartupaluk does not entertain foreign embassies on its soil. Großgermania employs a Tartupalummiut citizen living in Suursaq, Johannes von Petersdorff, as Großgermanian Permanent Representative to Tartupaluk.

Oceania Edit

People's Democratic
Republic of Jerna
Flag of the Republic of Jerna
Capital: Jerna City

People's Democratic Republic of JernaEdit

  • Conventional Short Form: Jerna
  • Conventional Long Form: People's Democratic Republic of Jerna
  • Location of Mission: Jerna City
  • Mission type: Consulate
  • Großgermanian Representative: Ursula Van Praagh

Following the country's April 2009 elections, the Republic of Jerna established an embassy in Nordhausen, establishing Jernan diplomatic recognition of Großgermania. Relations between the two countries began strong, and grew in strength with Großgermanian involvement in the Jernan Civil War, declaring war on the Jernan Military Junta on 18 April. Following Großgermanian success in the campaign, with the 12 May capture of Jerna City, Großgermania opened a consulate in the Jernan capital, with Ursula Van Praagh appointed the Großgermanian representative to the Republic of Jerna.

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