Throughout its history the Random Insanity Alliance has hosted numerous embassies and diplomats from a number of alliances on Planet Bob. This page is a list of past and present alliances that have had embassies with the Random Insanity Alliance.

Diplomatic missionsEdit

Full Name Acro. TeamActive
/b/Green No
1UPOrange No
57th Overlanders57thBrown No
>_<White No
\m/ (1st)White No
\m/ (2nd)Black Yes
AeonBlack No
AlchemyAqua Yes
Alliance of International DefenceAiDBrown No
Alliance of Power and GreedAPAG No
Alliance of Powerful Penguinz (2nd)APPMulti No
ApocalypseApocBlack No
Aquatic Coalition FrontACFAqua No
ArgentWhite-Aqua No
Armed Coalition FrontACFMulti No
Armed Coalition of Disturbed CountriesACDCBlack No
Armed Coalition of ValorACVAqua No
Ascended Republic of Elite StatesARESBlue Yes
AsgaardASGMaroon->Black Yes
AthensAqua No
Atlantic Shadow ConfederationASCAqua No
AtlantisWhite No
Aurora BorealisABBlue No
Auxiliary ArmyAAPurple No
BANG AllianceBAAqua No
Bel AirBAPink No
Black Defense CouncilBDCBlack No
Black Peace SocietyBPSBlack No
BlackthornBlack No
Blatantly Awesome Coalition of NationsBACoNBlack Yes
Blue Turtle Alliance (1st)BTABlue No
Brotherhood of the Dark TemplarBDTBlack No
Carpe DiemCDBrown No
Cat Land (1st)CLMaroon No
Cat Land (2nd)CLMaroon No
Cat Land (3rd)CLMaroon No
Christian Coalition of CountriesCCCMulti No
Coalition of Royal Allied PowersCRAPMaroon Yes
Commonwealth of International NationsCINBlue No
Commonwealth of New EnglandCMEWhite No
Commonwealth of Sovereign NationsCSNMaroon Yes
Communist Party of CyberNationsCPCNOrange No
Complete International AllianceCIAWhite No
Confederacy of Independent StatesCISGreen No
Confederation of Organized NationsCONOrange No
Confederation Of Radical ElitesCOREMaroon No
Cool Rats And PeopleCRAPMaroon No
Corporation of Serious Business (2nd)CSBAqua No
Council for Militaristic and Economic Assistance (1st)CMEAMulti No
Crescent Moon Republic (2nd)CMR No
CronusAqua No
CrossfireXFBlack No
Cult of RichardCoRMulti No
Dark EvolutionDEBlack No
Deck of CardsDoCAqua No
Democratic Republic of ArgoNautArgoGreen No
EchelonEONBlue No
ElementEMTBlack No
Elite Guardians of PeaceEGoPMaroon Yes
EquilibriumEQYellow No
ExionYellow No
Euphorian CommonwealthECBrown No
FarkistanFarkAqua Yes
Federation of Allied RepublicsFARBlue Yes
Federation of Armed NationsFANYellow No
Federation of Democratic NationsFDNOrange No
Federation of Imperial Red EmpiresFIRERed No
Federation of Independent NationsFIN No
Fellowship of Elite Allied RepublicsFEARWhite No
Fellowship of Unified NationsFUNMaroon No
Fifth Column ConfederationFCCBlack No
FOK!-AllianceFOKOrange Yes
Forces of the CommonwealthFotCMulti No
FoundationFndGreen No
Freebootin' Pirate InsurgencyFPIBlack No
Freedom FightersFFBlue No
Frontline Formation CoalitionFFCMaroon No
Galactic ImperiumGIYellow No
GenesisBlue No
Global Alliance and Treaty OrganizationGATOBrown No
Global Democratic AllianceGDABlue No
Global Order of DarknessGODMaroon No
Global Organization for Liberty and DefenseGOLDYellow No
Global Republic of Allied NationsGRANWhite No
Global United NationsGUNGreen No
Goon Order of Neutral ShovingGOONSBlack No
Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and SadismGOONSBlack No
Green Protection AgencyGPAGreen No
Grand Central AgencyGCAMaroon No
Grand Global AllianceGGAGreen No
Grand Lodge of FreemasonsGLOFOrange Yes
Grand Revolution of Unearthly EvilGRUEAqua Yes
Greenland RepublicGRBlue No
Grey CouncilGCGrey No
Guns of GloryGoGAqua No
Guru OrderGOAqua Yes
Hegemony of Periphery StatesHPSMaroon No
Heiliges Römisches ReichHRRMulti No
HeroesOfGaming (1st)HoGBlack No
HeroesOfGaming (3rd)HoGBlack No
Holy Axis of the Loyal OrderHALOBlue No
iFOKiFOKPurple No
Imperial Assault Alliance (1st)IAABlue No
Imperial Assault Alliance (2nd)IAABlue No
Imperium RomanumIRMaroon Yes
Independent Republic of Orange NationsIRONOrange Yes
Indigo Defense ForceIDFBlue No
Informal Peace AllianceIPABlue No
International Communist PartyICPMulti No
International Confederacy of NationsICNBlue No
International Protection AgencyIPABlue No
International States of Solidarity and FreedomISSFOrange No
Klingon EmpireKEMaroon No
Knights of AragonKoAOrange-Maroon No
Knights of the Imperial CrossKIXMaroon No
League of Extraordinary NationsLENBrown No
League of Internationally Organized NationsLIONBlack No
League of Small SuperpowersLoSSBlack No
League of Shadows Treaty=LOST=Aqua Yes
League of United DefenseLOUDBlack No
Libertarian Socialist FederationLSFPink No
LUEnited NationsLUEPurple-Orange-Pink No
M. Carter BrownMCBBrown No
Maroon Confederacy of Armed NationsMCANMaroon No
Maroon Defense CoalitionMDCMaroon No
Maroon Revolutionaries AllianceMRAMaroon No
MERKMulti No
Modern Day KnightsMDKBlack No
Molon LabeMLBlack No
Monos ArcheinMAMaroon No
Mostly Harmless AllianceMHAAqua Yes
MTHMulti No
Multicolored Cross-X AllianceMCXAMulti Yes
Mushroom KingdomMKAqua Yes
Mutually Assured DefenseMADBlue No
Myrmidons (2nd)Maroon-Orange No
National Alliance of Arctic CountriesNAACBlue No
Nations Empowered Against TotalitarianismNEATMulti No
Nebula-XNXPurple No
NemesisBlack No
New Order of IndependenceNOIBrown No
New Order of the AgesNOAMaroon No
New Pacific OrderNPORed Yes
New Polar OrderNpOBlue Yes
New Roman MilitaryNRMAqua No
New Sith OrderNSOBrown Yes
Norden VereinNoVMaroon No
Nordreich (2006-2007)NoRMaroon No
North American ConfederacyNACPurple No
North Atlantic Defense CoalitionNADCBlue No
North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationNATOAqua No
Northern Treaty OrganizationNTOGreen-Brown No
Novus OrbusNOMulti No
Nueva VidaNVBlue No
Nusantara Elite WarriorsNEWWhite No
Nutty North KoreansNNKBlack Yes
O_oMulti No
Oceanic EntenteOEAqua No
Orange And Red Allied NationsOARANOrange & Red No
Orange Defense NetworkODNOrange Yes
Order of Feudalistic SecurityOFSBrown No
Order of JusticeOoJAqua No
Order of World Nations OWN No
Ordinary Men Fighting GiantsOMFGPurple No
Ordo VerdeOVGreen No
Organized Nations of SuperiorityONOSMaroon No
OrionOrange No
Otaku RevolutionORMaroon No
OTF AllianceOTFBrown No
Overclockers UKOcUKBlue No
Perennis ImperiumPIMaroon No
Poison ClanPCPink No
PoTD AlliancePoTDBlue No
Protection and Liberation of United StatesPLUSBlue No
Purple Alliance of WINPAWPurple No
PyramidPY1Yellow No
R&ROrange Yes
RagnarokRoKAqua Yes
Random Insanity AllianceRIAMaroon Yes
RaptureMaroon No
Realm of TitansRoTBlack No
Regnum InvictorumInvictaPurple No
Republic of Allied DefensesRADPink No
Republican Organization For LibertyROFLMulti No
Relentless Resistance AllianceRRA No
RI NationRINMaroon No
Ronin (2nd)Aqua/Blue Yes
SanctumAqua No
Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard BoxesSLCBMaroon-Purple Yes
Sentinels of Unity and LibertySOULBlue No
Shattered Star ExilesSSXBlue No
She Said She Was 18SSSW18White No
Siberian Tiger AllianceSTAWhite No
SilenceSILBrown Yes
Sin Squared XSSXBrown No
SNAFUPurple No
Socialist Workers Front (1st)SWFPink No
Socialistic Empire-SE-Black No
SolUndecided Yes
Soldiers of LibertySoLMaroon No
Sons of MarsSoM No
Sons of MuspelSoMGreen No
SOS BrigadeSOS団Blue/Green Yes
SpartaGreen-Black No
SpecialOps LoungeSOLBlack No
Spootland Alliance of Allied AlliesSPAAAPink No
Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied AlliesSPAAAPink No
Team Allied Guardians AllianceTAGAMaroon No
Tetris (2nd)Green Yes
The 4 HorsemenT4HMaroon No
The ArmadatAMulti No
The BrainMaroon No
The BrigadeBRIGMulti No
The Centurion BrotherhoodTCBPink No
The Charter AllianceTCABlack No
The CoalitionTCMulti/Red No
The ConfederacyTCBrown No
The CorporationCorpYellow-Green Yes
The Democratic OrderTDOAqua Yes
The Distinguished Lords of PridiaDLPMaroon No
The DominionTDMaroon No
The Eagle NebulaTENMaroon No
The Empire of the New EvolutionTENEAqua Yes
The Foreign DivisionTFDBlue No
The Forsaken OnesTFOPink No
The German EmpireTGEWhite No
The Golden AgeTGAMulti Yes
GrämlinsGräAqua No
The IlluminatiWhite No
The ImmortalsTIBlack-Maroon No
The Imperial FalconsTIFMulti No
The Imperial Order (2nd)TIOBlue Yes
The InternationalIntOrange No
The Jedi OrderTJOGreen No
The LegionPurple Yes
The Maroon ImperiumTMIMaroon No
The OasisOasissMulti No
The Order of HalsaTOHMaroon No
The Order of LightTOOLWhite Yes
The Order of Misfit NationsMNGreen No
The Order of Righteous NationsTORNOrange No
The Order of the ParadoxTOPOrange Yes
The Osirian CompactTOCWhite No
The Phoenix CollectiveTPCMulti No
The Phoenix FederationTPFWhite No
The RealmRealmGreen No
The Republic (1st)tRMaroon No
The Republic (2nd)tRMaroon No
The Republic of United STatesTRUSTBlue No
The RevolutiontRAqua No
The Roman LegionTRLGreen No
The Shadow ConfederacyTSCBlack No
The Shadow Confederacy EmpireTSCEBlack Yes
The Sweet OblivionTSOBlue No
The Syndicate (1st)SyNBlue No
The Templar KnightsTTKMaroon Yes
The Tyberion CovenantTTCBlack No
The Unitican EmpireUAEMaroon No
The Unitican FederationUAEMaroon No
ThessalyRed Yes
Through Yggdrasil's RootsTYRMaroon Yes
Total Liberation FrontTeLFMulti No
Tri-Color FederationTCFBrown, Pink, Aqua No
TroyMaroon No
Tyrian PurpleTPPurple No
Ultimate Allied Super StrengthsUASSBlack No
UmbrellaBlack Yes
Unified Nations of HonourUNHOrange No
Unified Royal States AllianceURSABlack No
United Alliance (2nd)UABlue No
United Black StatesUBSBlack No
United Blue DirectorateUBDBlue No
United Defense and Security AllianceUDSA No
United Defense ContractorsUDC No
United Earth DirectorateUEDRed No
United Earth Federation AllianceUEFAMulti No
United Federation of ArmatusUFABlack No
United Nations of HonourUNHOrange No
United Purple NationsUPNPurple Yes
United Rogues AllianceURAMulti No
United Sovereign NationsUSNMaroon Yes
V.F.D.Purple No
ValhallaPurple No
VanguardVanOrange Yes
Veritas AequitasVAWhite No
Viridian Entente (2nd)VEGreen Yes
We Are Perth ArmyWAPAWhite No
World FederationWFGreen Yes
World Protection AgencyWPAMulti No
World Task ForceWTFMulti No
XanaduMulti No

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