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Throughout its history the Random Insanity Alliance has hosted numerous embassies and diplomats from a number of alliances on Planet Bob. This page is a list of past and present alliances that have had embassies with the Random Insanity Alliance.

Diplomatic missions[]

Full Name Acro. Team Active
/b/ Green No
1UP Orange No
57th Overlanders 57th Brown No
>_< White No
\m/ (1st) White No
\m/ (2nd) Black Yes
Aeon Black No
Alchemy Aqua Yes
Alliance of International Defence AiD Brown No
Alliance of Power and Greed APAG No
Alliance of Powerful Penguinz (2nd) APP Multi No
Apocalypse Apoc Black No
Aquatic Coalition Front ACF Aqua No
Argent White-Aqua No
Armed Coalition Front ACF Multi No
Armed Coalition of Disturbed Countries ACDC Black No
Armed Coalition of Valor ACV Aqua No
Ascended Republic of Elite States ARES Blue Yes
Asgaard ASG Maroon->Black Yes
Athens Aqua No
Atlantic Shadow Confederation ASC Aqua No
Atlantis White No
Aurora Borealis AB Blue No
Auxiliary Army AA Purple No
BANG Alliance BA Aqua No
Bel Air BA Pink No
Black Defense Council BDC Black No
Black Peace Society BPS Black No
Blackthorn Black No
Blatantly Awesome Coalition of Nations BACoN Black Yes
Blue Turtle Alliance (1st) BTA Blue No
Brotherhood of the Dark Templar BDT Black No
Carpe Diem CD Brown No
Cat Land (1st) CL Maroon No
Cat Land (2nd) CL Maroon No
Cat Land (3rd) CL Maroon No
Christian Coalition of Countries CCC Multi No
Coalition of Royal Allied Powers CRAP Maroon Yes
Commonwealth of International Nations CIN Blue No
Commonwealth of New England CME White No
Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations CSN Maroon Yes
Communist Party of CyberNations CPCN Orange No
Complete International Alliance CIA White No
Confederacy of Independent States CIS Green No
Confederation of Organized Nations CON Orange No
Confederation Of Radical Elites CORE Maroon No
Cool Rats And People CRAP Maroon No
Corporation of Serious Business (2nd) CSB Aqua No
Council for Militaristic and Economic Assistance (1st) CMEA Multi No
Crescent Moon Republic (2nd) CMR No
Cronus Aqua No
Crossfire XF Black No
Cult of Richard CoR Multi No
Dark Evolution DE Black No
Deck of Cards DoC Aqua No
Democratic Republic of ArgoNaut Argo Green No
Echelon EON Blue No
Element EMT Black No
Elite Guardians of Peace EGoP Maroon Yes
Equilibrium EQ Yellow No
Exion Yellow No
Euphorian Commonwealth EC Brown No
Farkistan Fark Aqua Yes
Federation of Allied Republics FAR Blue Yes
Federation of Armed Nations FAN Yellow No
Federation of Democratic Nations FDN Orange No
Federation of Imperial Red Empires FIRE Red No
Federation of Independent Nations FIN No
Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics FEAR White No
Fellowship of Unified Nations FUN Maroon No
Fifth Column Confederation FCC Black No
FOK!-Alliance FOK Orange Yes
Forces of the Commonwealth FotC Multi No
Foundation Fnd Green No
Freebootin' Pirate Insurgency FPI Black No
Freedom Fighters FF Blue No
Frontline Formation Coalition FFC Maroon No
Galactic Imperium GI Yellow No
Genesis Blue No
Global Alliance and Treaty Organization GATO Brown No
Global Democratic Alliance GDA Blue No
Global Order of Darkness GOD Maroon No
Global Organization for Liberty and Defense GOLD Yellow No
Global Republic of Allied Nations GRAN White No
Global United Nations GUN Green No
Goon Order of Neutral Shoving GOONS Black No
Goon Order of Oppression Negligence and Sadism GOONS Black No
Green Protection Agency GPA Green No
Grand Central Agency GCA Maroon No
Grand Global Alliance GGA Green No
Grand Lodge of Freemasons GLOF Orange Yes
Grand Revolution of Unearthly Evil GRUE Aqua Yes
Greenland Republic GR Blue No
Grey Council GC Grey No
Guns of Glory GoG Aqua No
Guru Order GO Aqua Yes
Hegemony of Periphery States HPS Maroon No
Heiliges Römisches Reich HRR Multi No
HeroesOfGaming (1st) HoG Black No
HeroesOfGaming (3rd) HoG Black No
Holy Axis of the Loyal Order HALO Blue No
iFOK iFOK Purple No
Imperial Assault Alliance (1st) IAA Blue No
Imperial Assault Alliance (2nd) IAA Blue No
Imperium Romanum IR Maroon Yes
Independent Republic of Orange Nations IRON Orange Yes
Indigo Defense Force IDF Blue No
Informal Peace Alliance IPA Blue No
International Communist Party ICP Multi No
International Confederacy of Nations ICN Blue No
International Protection Agency IPA Blue No
International States of Solidarity and Freedom ISSF Orange No
Klingon Empire KE Maroon No
Knights of Aragon KoA Orange-Maroon No
Knights of the Imperial Cross KIX Maroon No
League of Extraordinary Nations LEN Brown No
League of Internationally Organized Nations LION Black No
League of Small Superpowers LoSS Black No
League of Shadows Treaty =LOST= Aqua Yes
League of United Defense LOUD Black No
Libertarian Socialist Federation LSF Pink No
LUEnited Nations LUE Purple-Orange-Pink No
M. Carter Brown MCB Brown No
Maroon Confederacy of Armed Nations MCAN Maroon No
Maroon Defense Coalition MDC Maroon No
Maroon Revolutionaries Alliance MRA Maroon No
MERK Multi No
Modern Day Knights MDK Black No
Molon Labe ML Black No
Monos Archein MA Maroon No
Mostly Harmless Alliance MHA Aqua Yes
MTH Multi No
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance MCXA Multi Yes
Mushroom Kingdom MK Aqua Yes
Mutually Assured Defense MAD Blue No
Myrmidons (2nd) Maroon-Orange No
National Alliance of Arctic Countries NAAC Blue No
Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism NEAT Multi No
Nebula-X NX Purple No
Nemesis Black No
New Order of Independence NOI Brown No
New Order of the Ages NOA Maroon No
New Pacific Order NPO Red Yes
New Polar Order NpO Blue Yes
New Roman Military NRM Aqua No
New Sith Order NSO Brown Yes
Norden Verein NoV Maroon No
Nordreich (2006-2007) NoR Maroon No
North American Confederacy NAC Purple No
North Atlantic Defense Coalition NADC Blue No
North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO Aqua No
Northern Treaty Organization NTO Green-Brown No
Novus Orbus NO Multi No
Nueva Vida NV Blue No
Nusantara Elite Warriors NEW White No
Nutty North Koreans NNK Black Yes
O_o Multi No
Oceanic Entente OE Aqua No
Orange And Red Allied Nations OARAN Orange & Red No
Orange Defense Network ODN Orange Yes
Order of Feudalistic Security OFS Brown No
Order of Justice OoJ Aqua No
Order of World Nations OWN No
Ordinary Men Fighting Giants OMFG Purple No
Ordo Verde OV Green No
Organized Nations of Superiority ONOS Maroon No
Orion Orange No
Otaku Revolution OR Maroon No
OTF Alliance OTF Brown No
Overclockers UK OcUK Blue No
Perennis Imperium PI Maroon No
Poison Clan PC Pink No
PoTD Alliance PoTD Blue No
Protection and Liberation of United States PLUS Blue No
Purple Alliance of WIN PAW Purple No
Pyramid PY1 Yellow No
R&R Orange Yes
Ragnarok RoK Aqua Yes
Random Insanity Alliance RIA Maroon Yes
Rapture Maroon No
Realm of Titans RoT Black No
Regnum Invictorum Invicta Purple No
Republic of Allied Defenses RAD Pink No
Republican Organization For Liberty ROFL Multi No
Relentless Resistance Alliance RRA No
RI Nation RIN Maroon No
Ronin (2nd) Aqua/Blue Yes
Sanctum Aqua No
Seaworthy Liberian Cardboard Boxes SLCB Maroon-Purple Yes
Sentinels of Unity and Liberty SOUL Blue No
Shattered Star Exiles SSX Blue No
She Said She Was 18 SSSW18 White No
Siberian Tiger Alliance STA White No
Silence SIL Brown Yes
Sin Squared X SSX Brown No
SNAFU Purple No
Socialist Workers Front (1st) SWF Pink No
Socialistic Empire -SE- Black No
Sol Undecided Yes
Soldiers of Liberty SoL Maroon No
Sons of Mars SoM No
Sons of Muspel SoM Green No
SOS Brigade SOS団 Blue/Green Yes
Sparta Green-Black No
SpecialOps Lounge SOL Black No
Spootland Alliance of Allied Allies SPAAA Pink No
Spootland-Phantom Alliance of Allied Allies SPAAA Pink No
Team Allied Guardians Alliance TAGA Maroon No
Tetris (2nd) Green Yes
The 4 Horsemen T4H Maroon No
The Armada tA Multi No
The Brain Maroon No
The Brigade BRIG Multi No
The Centurion Brotherhood TCB Pink No
The Charter Alliance TCA Black No
The Coalition TC Multi/Red No
The Confederacy TC Brown No
The Corporation Corp Yellow-Green Yes
The Democratic Order TDO Aqua Yes
The Distinguished Lords of Pridia DLP Maroon No
The Dominion TD Maroon No
The Eagle Nebula TEN Maroon No
The Empire of the New Evolution TENE Aqua Yes
The Foreign Division TFD Blue No
The Forsaken Ones TFO Pink No
The German Empire TGE White No
The Golden Age TGA Multi Yes
Grämlins Grä Aqua No
The Illuminati White No
The Immortals TI Black-Maroon No
The Imperial Falcons TIF Multi No
The Imperial Order (2nd) TIO Blue Yes
The International Int Orange No
The Jedi Order TJO Green No
The Legion Purple Yes
The Maroon Imperium TMI Maroon No
The Oasis Oasiss Multi No
The Order of Halsa TOH Maroon No
The Order of Light TOOL White Yes
The Order of Misfit Nations MN Green No
The Order of Righteous Nations TORN Orange No
The Order of the Paradox TOP Orange Yes
The Osirian Compact TOC White No
The Phoenix Collective TPC Multi No
The Phoenix Federation TPF White No
The Realm Realm Green No
The Republic (1st) tR Maroon No
The Republic (2nd) tR Maroon No
The Republic of United STates TRUST Blue No
The Revolution tR Aqua No
The Roman Legion TRL Green No
The Shadow Confederacy TSC Black No
The Shadow Confederacy Empire TSCE Black Yes
The Sweet Oblivion TSO Blue No
The Syndicate (1st) SyN Blue No
The Templar Knights TTK Maroon Yes
The Tyberion Covenant TTC Black No
The Unitican Empire UAE Maroon No
The Unitican Federation UAE Maroon No
Thessaly Red Yes
Through Yggdrasil's Roots TYR Maroon Yes
Total Liberation Front TeLF Multi No
Tri-Color Federation TCF Brown, Pink, Aqua No
Troy Maroon No
Tyrian Purple TP Purple No
Ultimate Allied Super Strengths UASS Black No
Umbrella Black Yes
Unified Nations of Honour UNH Orange No
Unified Royal States Alliance URSA Black No
United Alliance (2nd) UA Blue No
United Black States UBS Black No
United Blue Directorate UBD Blue No
United Defense and Security Alliance UDSA No
United Defense Contractors UDC No
United Earth Directorate UED Red No
United Earth Federation Alliance UEFA Multi No
United Federation of Armatus UFA Black No
United Nations of Honour UNH Orange No
United Purple Nations UPN Purple Yes
United Rogues Alliance URA Multi No
United Sovereign Nations USN Maroon Yes
UNCE Blue No
V.F.D. Purple No
Valhalla Purple No
Vanguard Van Orange Yes
Veritas Aequitas VA White No
Viridian Entente (2nd) VE Green Yes
We Are Perth Army WAPA White No
World Federation WF Green Yes
World Protection Agency WPA Multi No
World Task Force WTF Multi No
Xanadu Multi No

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