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NPO DiploCorp
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Diplomacy; representation of Pacifica; treaty maintenance and procuring.

The Diplomatic Corps of the New Pacific Order is renowned the world over for establishing solid friendships and allies. The Imperial Ambassadors of the New Pacific Order Diplomatic Corps travel the Cyberverse to build and maintain relationships with the hundreds of different alliances all over the world, representing the alliance and spreading the light of Pacifica's culture.

The Diplomatic Corps is happy to consider all Pacificans but there are, of course, some requirements that members should fulfill when applying to the Diplomatic Corps.

Firstly, they should enjoy communicating and have interest in talking to people, whether they like them or not. Diplomats have to be very professional, as everything said and done is in the name of the NPO and that is, given its possible consequences, a duty of high responsibility. Diplomats also have to be active as their assigned alliance(s) will need constant attention, contact via IRC, visiting their forums, and conversing in a polite and reasonable manner in every situation, even if put under pressure.

Diplomats must also have analytic minds to be able to see behind the sphere of rhetoric and read between the lines. Pacifican Diplomats must have good manners and taste and be able to show an excellent conduct at all times.

On November 17, 2016 the Diplomatic Corps was disbanded by the order of Emperor Lord of Darkness.


Rank Image Duties
Imperial Legate Imperiallegate One step below the Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs. Legates handle day to day matters concerning the Corps and assist the Imperial Officers.
Diplomatic Special Envoy Diplomatic special envoy These are the diplomats' direct supervisors, and represent the Order's interests by monitoring, guiding and assisting their sphere of assigned diplomats.
Diplomatic Attaches Diploattache The right hands of the Special Envoys, and assist them in running their assigned spheres. They are Special Envoys in training, and as such work closely to learn the ropes of how to run a team of diplomats.
Senior Diplomat Seniordiplomat An honorary title given to long-serving diplomats who have given their time as either diplomatic leadership or in high-profile or difficult assignments.
Diplomat Diplomat This is the entry level rank to the Diplomatic Corps, and these members have the task of representing the Order to other alliances.
Diplomatic Cadet Diplomat Diplomats in training.

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