Diminix is populated by Italian Hindus (Why, you might ask? “Why not?”) These Italian Hindu wackos work hard to mine Gems and Iron. During their free time, they sit at home, quietly telling themselves that “Anthony is always right.” This might be due to the fact that they cannot protest their government (Why would they want to in the first place?) or do drugs. Surprisingly, Diminix will not make deals with another country that has a poor history of inhuman treatment of its citizens. This seems to conflict with the inhuman treatment that is “given” to Diminixians, but to each his own.

Diminix is currently a member of the New Pacific Order (NPO), where Anthony sits on the War Council (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the NPO War Council, the WC basically decides who should die/be eaten/get beheaded for that particular day.)

Diminix currently is home to two banks, three factories (which make cruise missiles and “infrastructure” at a reduced rate,) and a single harbor which allows for 25% more trading to be conducted.

Diminix’s borders, though always ebbing and flowing, have enveloped the southern half of Italy and are rapidly encroaching upon Sicily. The Sicilian government is helpless in this matter, as they believe that Anthony is a supreme, God-like being, called “Admin.” The vast majority of the NPO also holds this belief.