Dictator General is a former Triumvir member of [League of Small Superpowers]] (LoSS), a former member of The Imperial Order, and a current member of

In loss he has served one term as Triumvir, Four terms in the LoSS Senate, two of them as Senate Praetor. He is a former Minister of Defence, Minister of IA, Deputy Minister of Defence, Deputy Minister of IA, Financial Officer, Recruitment Officer and Diplomat.

Whilst in TIO he served as an Imperial Gaurd officer for the military, and as tempoary defence coordinator.

He has served in the LoSS Armed Forces (LSAF) as a Lt (team leader), a Major (Platoon Commander), General (Company Commander), Deputy Commander (DMoD) and as Commander(MoD).

Promoted to MoD during the later stages of the IRON/NPO War, the Loss front of the war was concluded successfuly two days later.

He successfuly led the LSAF through the Dave War as MoD and was elected to Tri in the early stages, victory was gained against R&R,RIA,GPF and other micros who joined on the losing side.

DG entered semi-retirement Sept12, after 18months of solid high level activty and leadership within LoSS.

He fought in the equlibrium war against the GOONS

he has fought in defence of friends in SNX , joining that aliance after the recent war was declared and has battled with Doomsquad,NPO,and other micros.

He has fought in two Succesful campaigns against RIA and R&R and one succesful campaign againts GPF and GOONS,he is also one of the LSAF most active Rogue hunters.

he is a supporter of charter reform.

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