The "Official Flag"

Official name: Deutschland (Germany in German) Also referred to as "Deutsches Reich" (German Empire)

Geographical Area Map Of Germany (Interesting details within)

Ruler: Kaiser Martens

Motto: Deutschland Über Alles!

Anthem: Deutschlandlied

Government type: Monarchy (Reich)

Capital: Berlin

Defense Forces: Reichswehr

Official Language:Deutsch (German)

Affiliation: Volksleitung

Religion: Norse


The flag in the air

After the Silver Revolution Martens managed to free Germany to replace the corrupted "democratic" Dictatorship with his Monarchy, creating a new Reich, with full support of the people.

Nowadays Germany is one of many world powers and is one of the key nations of the Volksleitung Alliance. Its economy and culture are constantly blooming, as well as the demographics, this is why there is a closed-border policy for Extraeuropean immigration.

With the new wave of German nationalism inspired by Martens' actions, Christian influence was expelled and the old Asatrú Norse rituals were reinstated as appreciation for the "true culture of the Volk", as it was denominated.

It is a nation which focuses primarily on peaceful advancements and progress of the society, but yet it maintains a powerful Reichswehr for defensive purposes. Its environment is top notch, and we can see examples in the following pictures:


Southern Germany


The Brandenburger Tor, a landmark of Germany in Berlin


Berlin, the capital city of Deutschland

The people of Germany are very well educated, as Education is one of the top priorities for Martens, who is said to believe it to be the only way of ensuring that their people will never be able to become slaves to a ruler or an ideology. "Intelectual weapons are even more important than our Panzers and Rockets"

Deutschland has been involved in one minor war only before it was involved, in the NPO's side in the Second Great War, later on joining Volksleitung

Deutschland is firmly bound in an Anschluss with Österreich (Austria), which is handled by Keitel Merco Martens, the Kaiser's brothers, both partially count as one Country.

See the following for more information: (Out of Character, but nice info, though half of it does not applies to CN Deutschland)

Deutschland and Urcea

Deutschland and Urcea have refounded what is called the Teutonic-Roman Empire, alternatively called Viertes Reich (Fourth Empire) and Imperium Romanorum. As such, the Urcean territories (Italy) and the German-Controlled territories, plus the annexed Belkan Territories, function effectively as one single state under the leadership of Kaiser Martens, Emperor, alternatively called Caesar Martinus in Latin, spoken by most Urceans.

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