Deutsches Reichspartei
Party of the German Realm
IdeologyGerman nationalism
National conservatism,
State Capitalism,
Political Protestantism
Political positionRight-wing
LeaderHermann von Salza
ChairmanDietrich Sievert
HeadquartersKlingelhöferstraße 8
10785 Berlin
Official colors      Black
Seats in the
- Reichsrat
- Reichstag

35 of 60
311 of 599
Neue Deutsche Reich
200px-Coat of arms of Prussia (1918–1933).svg.png

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The Party of the German Realm was formed in 2016 by Hermann von Salza from the Free Conservative Party which itself was formed by Hermann von Salza in 2007, and is the political party that represents the majority German population of the New German Reich. The party is generally dominated by conservative industrialists, Junkers (land owners), government and military officials and scholars, and while it opposes political liberalism, it also tends to support free trade and the development of industry.

The DRP has a youth wing, the Bismarckjugend, which helps prepare youngster for the rigours of National Service, and is supported by the newspaper "Die Post".

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