Capital Aalen
Formation 10/18/2006
Alliance Affiliation The Legion
Nation Team Maroon
Official Languages Schwabian Dialect
Government Communist
Head of State AndreasBismarck
Religion Buddhism
Currency Mark
Statistics as of 01/26/2007
Infrastructure 169.08
Literacy Rate 96%
Tax Rate 21%
Tot. Area 114.676 miles diameter
National Strength 967.229
Nation Rank 17,482 of 36,845 nations
Tot. Population 2128
Gross Income 31.03
Natl. Resources cattle, rubber

DeutschSchwaben is in south-west of germany. It is interested in good relationships to its neighbours, but alo in increasing his power.

Nation InformationEdit

Loyal to our Herzog and growing our economy by trade and production


AndreasBismarck is the head of the state. He is caring for his people very much, but also requesting respect and honesty. After dismissing of the job as German "Reichskanzler", he went to the little south-west Germany region, to found a new great nation.

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