Head of Recruitment of the Random Insanity Alliance

Flag of kamicassis

dester55 is the ruler of the nation kamicassis. He is a former Head of Recruitment of the Random Insanity Alliance.


dester55 joined the RIA on March 19, 2007, shortly after his nation was founded. He remained a active regular member of the RIA since then. In the June 2007 elections dester ran for War Advisor but was defeated by zombie2000, who won with 85.29% of the votes. He waited for several months and once again ran for War Advisor, now named Head of Military Operations with the adoption of the Third ConstRItution, against Kaiser. He was, however, once again defeated. In the subsequent re-elections held due to the Asplosion he decided not to run. In the May 2008 elections dester decided to run for every single government position: Triumvir, Head of Economics, Head of Foreign Affairs, Head of Internal Affairs, Head of Military Operations, and Head of Recruitment. He, however, did not win in any of the elections. Two months later in the July 2008 elections dester decided to run for Head of Recruitment but lost to crazyisraelie who won with 54.29% of the votes. Another two months later in the September 2008 elections dester once again ran for Head of Recruitment and became it for the month of October as no one else ran against him. He ran for re-election in the October elections against Dontasemebro and ended up winning re-election with 57.14% of the votes. dester is also a veteran of the Third Great War, The Unjust War, and the War of the Coalition* (RIA-STA War, LEN-RIA War, and OTF-RIA War), having fought with the RIA in each of them. dester remained the HoR from the month of October until December 19, 2008 when he resigned and nominated Dontasemebro to be his replacement.


Heads of Recruitment of the Random Insanity Alliance
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