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Official Flag of Closure

National Flag
Capital City Fenway Park
Established 12/03/2007
(6,067 days old)
Alliance The Phoenix Federation
The Phoenix Federation
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Nation Team Team: White White

Inception to CN[]

Closure was established on December 3, 2007 after being invited by a friend.

The Phoenix Federation[]

Desperado joined The Phoenix Federation immediately. He has held the positions of Director of Recruiting, General, and Magistrate. His main duties are to oversee departments and ministries, and to generally serve as the second-in-command of The Phoenix Federation. He has enjoyed his time as Magistrate the most of any of his positions.

...I got to meet a bunch of great people with the Elysium merge and get to play a vital role in the alliance.

Desperado has proudly fought in the FAN, GPA, NoV, Polar, and Karma War wars. His most memorable moment was JBone deleting and locking himself out of the TPF forums. He has no intention of leaving TPF anytime soon.

...Someone has to keep the furry under control.

Some of the most influential people he has met in TPF have been Slayer99, bbrownso, Edward Curella, TheBigBad, mhawk, and JBone.

Awards and Medals[]

Award from TOOL