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Der Königin Hymne
The Queen's Hymn
Royal anthem ofThe Maradas
LyricsJessika Bürger, 2008
MusicJessika Bürger, 2008
AdoptedDecember 31, 2009

Der Königin Hymne (English: The Queen's Hymn) is the royal anthem of the Maradas. Composed by Jessika Bürger in 2008, this song was used in the rebellion against German occupation of Kältehafen whenever The Maradas was in public.

The song is written in German and the unique tune can be easily recognized. The song is only to be played in the public at the presence of the Queen.


When the German-Iceland Rebellion broke out on January 20, 2008, the rebels asked a talented musician, Jessika Bürger, to compose a song for their selected ruler. Bürger at first rejected the deal, however, when she joined the rebel's side, she was once again asked to compose a song for The Maradas.

The song took approximately 8 months to compose, and on November 1, 2008, the song was played for the first time in the public.

Following the announcement of the near independence of The Maradas on 15 December, 2009, the Queen preferred Die Medränisch Song (The Maradasi Song) as the national anthem, and Der Königin Hymne as a royal anthem. Der Königin Hymne was officially adopted on 31 December, 2009.


German Literal English translation

Wenn der Weiße Silberwurz blühen im Frühjahr,
Wenn die Falken fliegen in den Himmel,
Sie kennen Ihre Majestät ist in der Nähe
Und Gott ist da um Sie segnen
Ihre Anwesenheit ist ein Segen
Mai Gott helfe Ihrer Regierungszeit Die Medra

When the White Avens bloom in spring,
When the Falcons soar to the sky,
You know Her Majesty is nearby
And God is there to bless her
Her presence is a blessing
May God help Her reign The Maradas