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Depraved was the President of New England, a country in the north east region of North America. New England was founded sometime in early January 2006, becoming the third nation in Cyber Nations. Depraved later founded GATO, Cyber Nations' oldest surviving alliance. He was influential in shaping the early world and held many offices in the alliance he established. Depraved was known to enjoy war, declaring directly, or having a role in the declaration of, war on many occassions.

In 2007, Depraved became disillusioned with GATO and withdrew New England's membership in favor of admittance into the New Pacific Order. During his time there the First Great War exploded and Depraved was forced to lead his nation against the alliance he created. Depraved left the game for a period of time after this event.

Depraved returned several months later, New England was re-admitted to GATO and Depraved was catching up on affairs. He was unhappy with what he found. He felt that the leadership had become corrupt, misguided and soft. He did not approve of the government staying within a small group of influential members. Depraved immediately made enemies with GATO's new elite while befriending important allies. With these allies he lead a coup against GATO but it failed. He fled to GOONS shortly thereafter. Depraved would later blame a lack of proper planning and a complacent membership for the failed coup.

After spending some time in GOONS, Depraved left Cyber Nations again and has not returned. There are rumors that he sent a nation to watch GATO. Also more say he's coming back in May 2010

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