This is a list of all the Department Flags and Banners used by the New Pacific Order.

Current Department Flags/BannersEdit

Imperial FlagEdit

Emperorflag - File:Emperorflag.JPG

Imperial Flag 2 - File:Imperial Flag 2.png

New Pacific OrderEdit

NPObannerflagnew - File:NPObannerflagnew.png

WavyNPOflag - File:WavyNPOflag.jpg

Military Affairs DepartmentsEdit

Praetorian GuardEdit

NPO Pret - File:NPO Pret.png

Praetorian Guard2 - File:Praetorian Guard2.jpg

Pacific AcademyEdit

Academyflag - File:Academyflag.jpg

Military IntelligenceEdit

NPOIntel-Banner2 - File:NPOIntel-Banner2.gif

NPOIntel-Flag2 - File:NPOIntel-Flag2.gif
250px-Intel - File:250px-Intel.jpg

Military CommandEdit

NPO Milcom - File:NPO Milcom.png

Bcamz2 - File:Bcamz2.png

Bcbkm1 - File:Bcbkm1.png

Bcggl1 - File:Bcggl1.png

Deltaflaghz2 - File:Deltaflaghz2.png

Bcecn4 - File:Bcecn4.png

Bczdz7 - File:Bczdz7.png

Bcoqg7 - File:Bcoqg7.png

Battalion FlagsEdit

AlphaBatt - AlphaBatt.png

BetaBatt - BetaBatt.png

GammaBatt - GammaBatt.png

DeltaBatt - DeltaBatt.png

EpsilonBatt - EpsilonBatt.png

ZetaBatt - ZetaBatt.png

OmegaBatt - OmegaBatt.png

Alpha - File:Alpha.jpg

Beta - File:Beta.jpg

Gamma - File:Gamma.jpg

Delta1 - File:Delta1.jpg

Epsilon - File:Epsilon.gif

Zeta - File:Zeta.jpg

Omega - File:Omega.jpg

Diplomatic CorpsEdit

NPO DiploCorp - File:NPO DiploCorp.jpg

Internal Affairs DepartmentsEdit

Recruiter CorpsEdit

Recruiter Flag - File:Recruiter Flag.png

Recruiters - File:Recruiters.jpg

SDRDFlag1 - File:SDRDFlag1.png

Mentor CorpsEdit

Mentor - File:Mentor.jpg

House-Sitter GuardEdit

HouseSitterStandard - File:HouseSitterStandard.png

Red ServicesEdit

Media CorpsEdit

NPO Media - File:NPO Media.png

Wiki DivisionEdit

Wiki Team logo - File:Wiki_Team_logo.png

Writing DivisionEdit

The Pacific Press
TPP - File:TPP.svg

The War-time Pacific Press
Wartimepress4 - File:Wartimepress4.png

Pacific News Network
PNN Logo - File:PNN_Logo.svg

Radio Free PacificaEdit

RFP Image rev4 - File:RFP Image rev4.png

Graphics DivisionEdit

Graphicsbanner2 - File:Graphicsbanner2.png

Star GuardEdit

Starguard123 - File:Starguard123.png

Pacific LibraryEdit

NPO pacifican library - File:NPO pacifican library.png

Economic Affairs DepartmentsEdit

Econaffairshdr - File:Econaffairshdr.png


The Red SquareEdit

Red Square - File:Red Square.png

The Tech MarketEdit

Redtech - File:Redtech.png

Defunct Department Flags/BannersEdit

Pacifican BankEdit

NPO Bank - File:NPO Bank.png

Tech CorpsEdit

NPO tech - File:NPO tech.jpg

Agency for Community ExcellenceEdit

NPO ACE - File:NPO ACE.png

Ministry of Cultural CollectivismEdit

Ministry of Cultural Collectivism - File:Ministry of Cultural Collectivism.jpg

Council PacificaEdit

Counciltm1 - File:Counciltm1.png

Pacific UniversityEdit

PacUEmblemcopy - File:PacUEmblemcopy.png

Special Community ServicesEdit

SCS Logo - File:SCS Logo.png

The Pacifican Commissariat of Internal AffairsEdit

Flagpoc2hx7 - File:Flagpoc2hx7.png

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