Soviet Union
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Soviet Union Official Flag


Soviet Union Coat of Arms

Workers Of The World Unite
National Anthem
Hymn of the Soviet Union
Capital City Petrov City
Official Language(s) Russian


Established _____________

Soviet Union Independence ReDeclared - January 20, 2007

Soviet Democratic Republic Declared - March 20, 2011

Government Type [[File:_________

Republic.png|25px|link=]] _________ Federal

Ruler ____________________

Soviet Head Of State

Soviet President        
Brandon Petrov

Vice President
Vincent Harling
Alliance NATO
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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Since 10/20/2008 (4,279 days)
Nation Team Aqua team Aqua
Statistics as of 11/22/10
Total population 8,215 Supporters
 6,393 civilians
 1,386 soldiers
Population Density 57.17 Population Per Mile.
Religion Christianity Christianity
Total casualties 0
 0 attacking
 0 defending
Currency Currency Rouble Rouble
Infrastructure 725.01
Technology 291.00
Nation Strength 2,287.638
Nation Rank 19,187 of 5,242 (366.02%)
Alliance Rank 1 of 10 (10%)
Efficiency 1000
Environment 10.00
War/Peace Peace Currently at peace
Nuclear Weapons No nuke No nukes
Native Resources Marble Sugar
Connected Resources
Aluminum Cattle Fish Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Uranium Water Wheat
Bonus Resources Construction Beer Fastfood

Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union (DRSU) or (commonly known as the Soviet Union) is a sovereign state Run by a Presidential System


Russian FederationEdit

on November 1, 2006 there was massive up rising and conflict in the armed forces of Russia with the Russian government at the time so it lead to civil war in the west hafe of Russia were the Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union was formed with a Presidential system. Russian federation recognizes the NEW nation but refuses to talk about it

Soviet Union ReformEdit

the Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union was reformed as a small nation on January 20, 2007 under then President Al Petrov who stepped down out of office and let his son now President Brandon Petrov take over the nation

Government ElectionsEdit

March 2011 - Presidential ElectionsEdit

Presidency of the Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union


Executive BranchEdit

  • Secretary of Defense - Dolph Lundgren
  • Secretary of State -
  • Secretary of Intelligence -
  • Secretary of Trade -

Legislative BranchEdit

Judicial BranchEdit

  • Chief Justice -

Soviet National Security Team AgencyEdit

The SNSTA, or Soviet National Security Team Agency serves as the Nations security organization, dealing in intelligence, counter-intelligence, and anti-terrorism; also maintains specially trained military agents to protect government figures of interest.

The Agency has a large analytical department to determine threats by observing patterns in foreign relations and publishes reports to be submitted to the Secretary of Defense and the Soviet President for consideration when making foreign policy. Some of these reports are released for public dissemination for educational purposes.

Agency spokespersons have stressed that when dealing with internal affairs, the SNSTA has no authority to directly confront, arrest or otherwise detain civilians or foreign nationals except in circumstances of imminent or observed terrorist or espionage-related activities. The Secretary of Defense and his team investigative unit maintains the sole authority to confront, arrest and otherwise detain civilians based on criminal charges or suspicion of terrorist plots, and may grant this authority to the SNSTA only on a temporary basis in times of severe crisis. Once arrested or otherwise detained, persons must be surrendered to the Secretary of Defense or his/her team for processing and eventual trial in the Soviet Judicial Court system.


The Military of the Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union consist of 3,136 Soldiers and only 7 Tanks since it is a small reforming Democratic Republic nation that wants to continue being a peaceful Reformed Nation under the current President Brandon Petrov who is in the middle of a arms reduction plan since he semi anti-war and beleaves in peace.

The Soviet President is known as the Commander-In-Chief of the Soviet Armed Forces all actions are under the Presidents and the Secretary of Defense control.

Military Branches

  • Soviet Marines
  • Soviet Army
  • Soviet Navy
  • Soviet Air Force
  • Soviet Coast Guard

Geography, climate, and environmentEdit


The nation is based around the capital city named after the current president known as Petrov City. the nation is known for it history and water canals



After seeing what happen in Japan and from the past soviet Kursk Nuclear Power Station disaster President Brandon Petrov has vowed in Making his nation a nuke clear free country and vowed to start using green energy fully by the year 2013

Below are some things that President Brandon Petrov has started using more

Wind FarmsEdit

Solar FarmsEdit

Hydro Power Dams Edit

1. Soviet Bolder Dam 2. Soviet Roll Dam

Foreign relationsEdit

The Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union is currently a member of the alliance called NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization the Democratic Republic of the Soviet Union has been a member of NATO since October 2008 and plans to remain loyal to the alliance known as NATO or as North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


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