Democratic People's Republic of Midway
National Flag
"Workers of the world, unite!"
National Anthem
1st stanza of the Worker's Marseillaise
Capital Aldebaran
Official languagess English, Japanese
Demonym Midwayan
Government Communist Unitary single-party military dictatorship
- Eternal President Daniel Bullock
- Premier Vacant (Eternal President is ruling)
- Next Premier Vacant (not yet appointed)
- 2011 Midwayan coup d'état

20 May 2011
Major Religions None (Religion Banned)
Total Area 302.554 sq mi.
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency Midway Won (₩) (MPW)
Literacy Rate 93.12%
Driving Lane Right
Date Format mm/dd/yyyy
Time Zone UTC -11:00

The Democratic People's Republic of Midway (also referred to as the DPRM) is a self-proclaimed sovereign state. It declares itself the successor state to the Union of Midway, and claimed sovereignty over all territory that belonged to the Union of Midway.


On May 15, the Second Midwayan Civil War ended and the Great Pacific War began. On May 20, North Korea conducted the 2011 Midwayan coup d'état, which ended in the overthrow of the Union of Midway and the creation of the DPRM. On May 21, the DPRM issued a joint declaration of war with North Korea on the pro-STOP forces of the Great Pacific War.


The government of the DPRM is officially a single-party communist state. However, in practice, the Eternal President has all political power. The Eternal President appoints his/her successor who is to take rule of the DPRM when the Eternal President is unable to rule. The rulers that come after the Eternal President are to be called Premier, and the successor the Next Premier. The government of the DPRM has been described as a military dictatorship by foreign nations.

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