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This alliance has disbanded
This alliance has disbanded as of December 3, 2009. More information is available here.
Democratic Order of Anarchy
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) AsianLeader, Arkzist, Spark8989
Founded 01/01/09

High Council

  • AsianLeader
  • archaeonarchy
  • TKLorzGeptunHKO
International relations

Democratic Order of Anarchy Summary[]

The Democratic Order of Anarchy, DOA for short, officially started on March 1, 2009 with 4 members. The Founding members were AsianLeader of AsianLand, Arkzist of Dutchy of Arkzis, Alexander 1st of Khandaq, and Spark8989 of Marizpan. The idea of a new alliance started on January 1 of the same year, though AsianLeader was the Minister of Recruitment for the Global Democratic Alliance (GDA) at the time, and had a sense of duty to finish out his term. During those 2 months, the DOA forums were made and polished, as well as the Constitution written up. Since March, the DOA has 18 members and 3 treaties, 1 being a protectorate.

Democratic Order of Anarchy Charter[]

Democratic Order of Anarchy Charter


The Democratic Order of Anarchy (hereby referred as DOA) establishes this Charter of the alliance. Any current and future members are to adhere and follow it.

Article I: Membership

Any and all persons may enter the DOA as long as they meet the following criteria:

   * Must not be on any PZI or EZI listings
   * Must fill out application correctly
   * Willing to participate to advance the alliance in any way

Article II: Government

The High Council is made up of 3 members who lead the alliance. Any and all Foreign Affairs shall be decided on a 2/3 vote.

Article III: Elections

Elections for High Council shall happen every 3 months. Anyone can run for the High Council as long as they have been in the alliance from at least 45 days.

Article IV: Declaration of War

A 2/3 vote of the High Council is needed to declare war on any alliance. Nukes shall only be used by a unanimous vote of the High Council

Article V: Inactivity

If any Council member is inactive for more than 3 days, and no one knows where he/she is, the other High Council Members shall appoint someone to take temporary powers of the inactive Council Member.

Article VI: Removal

Any High Council member may be removed if the another agrees. If it is done so, then a special election shall be held to have another put into place.

Amendments to Charter

Any and all Amendments to the DOA charter must be unanimously agreed upon by the DOA government.


  • AsianLeader-High Council Member
  • Ghux- High Council Member
  • Spark8989- High Council Member

Democratic Order of Anarchy Treaties[]

  • GDA-DOA Protectorate

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