Delusional Protectorate
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Treaty Type: Protectorate
Treaty Signed: 02/23/2013
Treaty Status: Active

The Delusional Protectorate is a decree by Delusions of Grandeur making the Random Insanity Alliance a protectorate. It was announced on February 23, 2013 in the midst of the Equilibrium War. It was officially recognized by the Random Insanity Alliance several hours after the announcement. Since the establishment of the protectorate, Delusions of Grandeur has declared war against Nordreich, the Mushroom Kingdom, Doombird Doomcave, and the Grand Lodge of Freemasons for their attacks on the RIA throughout various conflicts.

Decree TextEdit

Greetings to the various rulers of our currently radioactive planet,

I have finally decided on a new protectorate. The Random Insanity Alliance does a great job at getting themselves neck deep in war whenever the globe erupts in fireworks. This is a preferred trait of my second protectorate. Everyone needs an easy entry into war and while there are many fine alliances out there that have a similar tendency to go to war, I chose the RIA as my aggressive protectorate.

My protection begins immediately in regards to all future declarations of war against the RIA. I find myself in an unfortunate position. Because I am tardy presenting this notification. I talked to RIA about this months ago, but silly me I was waiting for a dialogue prior to presenting this notification to the world. Therefore two alliances, the Mushroom Kingdom and Nordreich have both already pulled the trigger and engaged RIA in warfare in defense of one of those CnG alliances that got swamped. I have no intention at this time to pile on a little more to the 20+ alliances already engaged with ODN and the International.

I am not going to give Mushroom Kingdom and Nordreich a free pass however. I am going to try something different. I am going to give them a week to get ready and then I am going to war with them. I hope to find an open slot when the day comes. In the meantime... MK and Nordreich can defend themselves or deploy an ally onto my alliance Delusions of Grandeur.

I decided to follow this unorthodox path because this war between Eq and Comp has been expanding with slow or no counters and I don't want to miss a big dance.

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