On April 25, 2011,the Union of Midway and United States of JBR issued declarations of hostalities with Communist Deltora. Following this, President Roger Johnson and the Assembly of the Republic issued a reconition of hostalities with the National Revolutionary Front and Communist Party of Deltora.


We, the people and government of the United Republic of Deltora:

have been attacked unprovoked by FNR and Communist Deltora. The Communist traitors have attacked not only our civlians and servicemen and women, but ones of the Union of Midway and the United States of JBR. Both nations are great allies of us and hopefully will remain so. FNR has attacked our allies and us as well. So, hereby, we, the great, powerful, Deltoran Republic, offically announce the commencation of attacks on these terriosts and hope to end this communism.

Roger Johnson, President Laura Nifestri, Vice President Gregor Hammelson, Secretary of Defence

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