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Deltoran War of Independece
Part of the History of the Deltoran Republic
American soldiers preparing to invade Deltora in Feburary, 1991
Date March 5th, 1989- January 8, 1991
Feburary 5, 1991- January 8, 1993
Location Deltoran Republic

Americans living in the midwestern United States declare independence from the US

Result The Deltoran Republic is formed
The United States of America ceads the midwest to the Deltoran Republic
United States United States of America DR flag Deltoran Republic
United States George H. W. Bush

United States Norman Schwarzkopf
United States Colin Powell
United States Calvin Waller
United States George Beltorak

DR flag Mike Linne
DR flag
700,000 soldiers
1500 Tanks
150 F/A-22 Hornets
550,000 soldiers
500 Tanks
Casualties and losses
405,056 soldiers
401 tanks
250,902 soldiers
230 tanks

The Deltoran War of Independence was a military conflict between the Deltoran Republic and the United States of America. It began with the issuing of the Declaration of Midwestern Independnce in 1989 and ended with the surrender of American George Beltorak in 1993.


Rising tensions between the United States and Soviet Union led to a massive increase of debt, and to pay off this debt, a raise of taxes.

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