While Promcapablic protests continue, President Laura Nifestri asked the assembly for a Declaration of war on the enemies of the Prussian Empire during their civil conflict. The declaration was issued at 23:45 CST.

...we must play an important role resolving international conflicts in order to find peace...

The declaration recived a nearly unanimous approval by the assembly. Following the declaration over 10,000 Deltoran troops were sent to help aid the conflict

Text of the DeclarationEdit

From the government of the Deltoran Republic
We have recived intellegence that a civil conflict has begun in the Prussian Empire over the rasing of school taxes. This, in the Deltoran Republic, is considered an Unprovoked reason to fight for independence from this country. The French attacked the Prussians for absolutly no reason but for protecting their country. We must use force to prevent this conflict. No group of people have the right to seperate of the "motherland" only if

  • The "motherland" denies
    • life
      • liberties
        • the presuit of happiness
  • or if the "motherland" tortures and makes slaves of the people

The Prussian Empire has not commited any of these actions, so, therefore, with premisson upon The Assembly of Deltora and the President of the Republic onto this declaration, the government and people of the Federal Republic of Deltora declare war onto the nations of the French Republic, the Kingdom of Spain, the Swiss Confederation, the Polish rebels (Armia Wyzwolwolenia Polska), the Slovak Republic, and the Republic of Croatia.


Laura Nifestri, President Nathon Carrelson, Vice President and Speaker of the Approval Gregor Hammelson, General of the Deltoran Military

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