Defensive Mutually-Friendly Alliance
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Flag of DMFA

DMFA Official Flag
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) llearch and Arcalane
Founded 26th February, 2007
Leader(s) Doormat: llearch'n'n'daCorna
Other Officials Ebil Kitteh: Tezkat
International relations Protectorate of Last Call[1]

The Defensive Mutually-Friendly Alliance (DMFA) is a micro alliance that was started by a bunch of furries from the DMFA forums who got lost on their way to NationStates or something.


Since its founding, DMFA's leadership has consisted of:

  • Doormat, llearch of llearchberia
  • Ebil Kitteh, Tezkat of Throne of the Jaguar.

The titles are self-styled and non-transferable.


In December 2006, llearch and Arcalane began playing Cyber Nations. In February 2007, they decided to see if anybody else wanted to play and the alliance was born. Purple was chosen as the alliance colour over Pink and Blue for no particular reason.

Without a protectorate, DMFA was raided quite a few times, but the handful of members somehow managed to survive to reach a total 175k NS. DMFA was then contacted by Elysium about PEACE. Since the treaty hadn't been finalized, DMFA became a protectorate of Elysium until the Pegasus protectorate bloc was announced.

On May 2, 2012 the P.E.A.C.E was disbanded by the remaining signatories. Protection of DMFA was passed to Olympus and Boards Alliance of Protectorate States. After their merger, protection was passed to Anarchy Inc., which eventually merged into Last Call.

Since then, things have declined a little, but they're hanging in there. Just ask the cat...

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