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This alliance merged with the Organized Nations of Superiority to form the Confederation Of Radical Elites.

Merger occurred on/around October 10, 2007

Defenders of Unity And Light


Team Color Maroon
Founders Jutopia, Pikajew, Dan123123, ArchNeo III(August 5, 2007)
The Leaders
  • Grand Istari: Compstomper
Istari Senate

Jutopia Jaketopia Dan123123 Solomon Al Gore

  • Foreign Unity: therealsuperjosh
  • Arms: Commrade Losey
  • Internal Unity: Mater Chief (crv24)
  • Economics: Ally2Good
Maroon Team Senator(s)
  • NONE
International Relations

Statistics [1]

The Founding of DUAL Edit

Defenders of Unity And Light was founded on the 5th of August 2007 by ArchNeo III (Just left ONOS), Pikajew (former founder of The Directorate), Dan123123 and Jutopia (both awesome friends). DUAL was founded with the aspiration to reach Maroon Unity and stand up for nations who need protectors, we defend the weak to serve the strong.

DUAL had a shaky start but also an amazing one, DUAL grew to fifteen members in one week and also had the honor to get Ally2Good into the alliance the 15th ranked Maroon Nation. But unfortunately things were going bad for DUAL with two members being ZI'ed by ONOS and both with crimes against ONOS, ArchNeo III a founding member and honorable leader was accused by ONOS of allegations of spying and was to be ZI'ed until deletion.

DUALwesome Times Edit

After Arch Neo's departure, DUAL was struggling with its recruitment. However, that all turned around with the addition of several dedicated members. After that, DUAL grew with no end in sight. They passed 300k strength. Then they passed 400k strength. Actually, in 24 hours DUAL had recruited over 15 members!

Before this time, there had been little or no activity consisting mainly of the government and a few others. However, the new load of recruits proved to be very active. For the first time, more regular members were active than those of the government. That's Every Thing

DUAL became a hot topic on Planet Bob as well every alliance, large and small, wanted a place somewhere with DUAL. DUAL's first course of action was to join a bloc. The bloc they chose was offspring alliances. Offspring's mission statement included the protection of small alliances such as DUAL. Big alliances meant big enemies.

DUAL did not stop there, however. DUAL decided to search for a protectorate. They received many offers, but in the end, DUAL chose the protectorate status of CSN. DUAL signed MDPs, PIATs, and NAPs to secure its international safety. There were no problems at all.


This period of happiness did have rough times in between though. One of which being DUALs departure from offspring. After conflict between ALMEA, of offspring, and NATO, of the CDT, DUALs security was in jeopardy. After quick thinking, DUAL left offsring and ALMEA lost to NATO.Other alliances followed DUAL in leaving offspring such as M*A*S*H and FoA.

The conflict of Arch Neo later came back to haunt DUAL as ONOS accused a new member, Al Gore, of being Arch Neo as a different ruler. ONOS claimed that DUALs protectorate would not back DUAL up if war broke out. After long arguments, Al Gore admitted to being Arch Neo. This time, however, ONOS left him be and all was well again.

The Unjust War Edit

A short period of peace happened after the event, however, peace did not last long. Conflicts were developing all around Planet Bob dealing with a relatively new bloc, The Unjust Path. Eventually, war swept all of Planet Bob. DUAL made attempts to stay neutral, but eventually, was compelled to enter the war by The Maroon Brotherhood Pact (MBP), a group of alliances in the maroon sphere bound to defend each each other. After DUAL's allies were attacked, the MDP was activated and DUAL declared war on The Phoenix Federation on September 13, 2007. DUAL was not alone in this, other alliances such as Sparta, Maroon Defense Coalition, and the New Polar Order had declared war on the phoenix federation.

Precautions had to be taken when DUAL realized of a possible attack on the MBP. Targets were acquired and DUAL prepared for attack. Due to the recent spark in activity, most of the nations declared war on their targets immediately. Day 1 of the attack had gone by with a breeze. Many targets had been anarchied and DUAL had gone up in strength. DUAL had received little damage and waited for the next update. Day 2 and Day 3 were not much different. The Phoenix Federation continued to suffer.

Four days into the war, and DUAL was stronger than ever. However, DUAL was surprised at the events of September 17. That was, The Phoenix Federation surrendered to New Polar Order. DUAL's members were proud of their achievements and had a mad party the next day.

Reconstruction Edit

The Unjust war, pushed DUAL's membership all the way back below the 50 member mark. The tireless work of DUAL's recruiting team, was soon put into motion however, and DUAL passed the 500k NS mark for the first time.

With the cancellation of their protectorate pact with CSN, DUAL looked for bigger and better relations, and they found it. They signed a ToA with the New Polar Order. This would ally them with the majority of the strong alliances.

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