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The Declaration of Sovereignty of the Green Old Party is a statement by the Green Old Party asserting its sovereignty as an alliance.

Text of the Declaration[]


The Green Old Party (GOP) hereby affirms the full sovereignty of the GOP. The GOP proclaims its sovereignty in the name of free development and the prosperity of its members, ensuring the rights and freedoms granted to members by the GOP Charter and laws.

Article 1: Sovereignty[]

The inalienable rights of the GOP as a sovereign alliance shall be realized, including its rights to self-defense, self-determination, and the supremacy of its members in directing the GOP's course.

Article 2: Membership[]

Membership in the GOP shall be an integral part of its sovereignty. The GOP shall protect the rights and interests of its member nations. Conferring and terminating GOP membership shall be the sole right of the GOP, in accordance with its own laws and standards. Claiming membership in the GOP shall be the sole right of those nations to whom the GOP has granted membership. Claims of membership shall cease immediately upon termination of membership by the GOP.

Article 3: GOP Identity[]

The GOP flag, name, seals, intellectual property and emblems (hereafter collectively referred to as 'identity items') shall remain the exclusive property of the GOP. GOP identity items shall only be used with the expressed consent of the GOP, as authorized by the GOP Charter, DoN, laws and government.

Article 4: Inviolability[]

The citizens, territories, and properties of the GOP are inviolable. Territories and properties of the GOP or its member states include, but are not limited to: GOP identity items, GOP moderated forums and websites, GOP internal documents, GOP-approved aid packages, and Senate Seats won by a GOP member.

Article 5: Voluntary Unions[]

The GOP shall independently exercise the right to enter into, or withdraw from, voluntary unions, pacts, and treaties with other alliances.

Article 6: Violations[]

Any person, nation, or alliance that contravenes, undermines or attempts to contravene or undermine the terms of this declaration, is in violation the GOP's sovereignty. Persons or nations who spy on the GOP (in game or through OOC means), or share protected information without permission, have violated the GOP's sovereignty. Such perpetrators have committed a 'hostile action' against the GOP. Hostile action is defined as an actual, attempted, or threatened attack, invasion, or endeavor to inflict harm upon the GOP or its citizens, territories, or properties.

Article 7: Retaliation[]

Subject to the GOP’s Charter, DoN and governmental discretion, the GOP reserves the right to retaliate against any perpetrator who violates the GOP's sovereignty by any and all means necessary. Punishments may include, but are not necessarily limited to: restitution, the imposition of sanctions, and/or military action.