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The Declaration of Existence of the Green Old Party is a statement by the Green Old Party announcing its existence.

Text of the Declaration[]

Greetings denizens of Bob,

I’ve come to you today to announce the addition of yet another new alliance – The Green Old Party (henceforth GOP).

The GOP is a “soft-neutral,” green alliance. By “soft-neutral” we mean to say that the GOP will neither obstruct nor help any alliance or nation advance its political or military Cyber Nations agenda. We will, however, offer our assistance to any green team alliance which requests our help in the combating of an unaligned rogue or ghost, insofar as it is within our capacity to help. We feel that this “soft-neutrality” allows us to serve a productive role in the green community while still remaining abstinent from the political affairs of any other alliance. Another way of thinking about “soft-neutrality” would be to call it “political-neutrality.”

The membership of the GOP is generally politically, economically, socially and/or religiously conservative and actively seeks out friendly and respectful discussions regarding current real-life issues. The goal of such discussions is to increase the breadth of our membership's understanding of the real-life issues confronting our world today and, through the process of reverent exchange, increase the sense of global comradery within both the GOP and CN as a whole. The GOP encourages its members to seek out thoughtful, yet respectful interaction with people outside of the GOP and, in no way, sees respectful disagreement and discussion regarding real-life issues as a violation of GOP neutrality.

We understand that conservatism may or may not be wildly popular with the CN community, but it is not our intention to press our real-life beliefs on others – only to create a community of like-minded individuals who can discuss issues which are relevant and important to them.

Please feel free to take a look at our Charter, Declaration of Neutrality, and our Declaration of Sovereignty. These documents should be viewable by the public eye.

Our forums are located on InvisionFree at the following address:

Our IRC channel on ColdFront is: #CN-GOP

Upon posting this Declaration of Existance, and making public our Charter, forums, IRC channel, DoN and DoS, we intend to seek acceptance into the United Jungle Accords (UJA). The Green Old Party truly hopes to be an active and involved member of the green sphere by defending its stability from rogues and ghosts – and by actively pursuing trade interests (such as those provided by the UJA).

Rekh127, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs

Samwise, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

Rooman33, Triumvir of Military Affairs

o/ the GOP o/ the Green Sphere