Decendents Union

National flag
National seal
"What has been before will come again"
National Anthem
We The Decendents
Capital City Vascovy
Official Language(s) Scandinavian (a mix of Norwegian, Swedish and Danish)
Demonym Decendents
Established 20/12/2012
Government Type Democracy Democracy
Ruler Landon Esser2
Landon Esser
Alliance Custom90
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
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Since 12/20/2012 (2,754 days)
Nation Team Blue team Blue
Statistics as of 05/11/2014
Total population 137,115
 113,115 civilians
 24,000 soldiers
Population Density 19.56
Literacy Rate 100.00%
Religion None None
Total casualties 540,328
 165,249 attacking
 375,079 defending
Casualty Rank 3,111 of 5,242 (59.35%)
Currency Currency Euro Euro
Infrastructure 9999,99
Technology 4,940.31
Nation Strength 64,061.796
Nation Rank 2,527 of 5,242 (48.21%)
Alliance Rank 45 of 149 (30.2%)
Efficiency 93.52
Total Area 7,008.387 Earth icon
Environment 4.0 stars (3.66)
War/Peace War Currently at war!
Nuclear Weapons Nuke 12 nukes
Native Resources Oil Uranium
Connected Resources
Gold Water Lumber Coal Marble Wheat Rubber Iron Aluminum Lead
Bonus Resources Beer Radiation Automobile Asphalt Microchips Construction Steel Scholar

The Decendents Union is a young nation on Planet Bob. It was established by the leader Landon Esser, a flamboyant, charismatic and ambitious man that gained power through his business empire, producing Oil and Uranium.

Being an atheist nation, the Decendents Union is a strong advocate of science and truth.

The first action Landon Esser took when he claimed power was to enter the NATO alliance. After 20 months in NATO he was asked to take over as Secretary of Commerce, a position he has since defended in two elections.


The nation came into existence at a point when the democratically elected leadership ceased to be able to control the population, which demanded law and order. Landon Esser, having observed the evolving situation for some time decided to use his economical power for the greater good, and struck a deal with elected parliament. He was presented as the new head of state and his first action was to let the parliament disolve itself and change the constitution to give him all power. All though general elections are not held, Landon Esser listen to his citizens through advisory referendums, held from time to time.

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