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Dean of
of the School of Economics

since November 10, 2009
Inaugural holderFA_Hayek
FormationJuly 27, 2009
WebsiteInfinity Institute (Members Only Website)

The Dean of the School of Economics is responsible for the creation and upkeep of all of the alliances economic guides.

History of the Position[]

While the position was created with the ratification of the second Constitution of the Infinity Alliance, Dean of the School of Economics was vacant until November 10, 2009 when FA_Hayek gave himself the position. He did this, because he had already written all of the necessary guides for this school, considering the size of their nations. Being that he, and a few others, would be the first in the alliance to experience upper level of CN national life, he would record his findings for the alliance as he learns more.

Past Deans of the School of History[]

FA_Hayek – November 10, 2009 to present.

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