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The Deadly Psychic Kittens Pact

The Immortals
Through Yggdrasil's Roots

The Deadly Psychic Kittens Pact is a Treaty of Friendship between The Immortals and Through Yggdrasil's Roots. The treaty was announced on the 25th of March 2009. We decided to make this treaty after realising how much we had in common, and if we were two people of the opposite sex, we would probably be asking each other out telepathically. The treaty is announced on the forums, here. No, this isn't a generic intro message. What are you talking about?

The Deadly Psychic Kittens Pact[]


This document recognizes the lasciviousness between Through Yggdrasil's Roots (hereby referred to as TYR) and The Immortals (hereby referred to as TI), and is an agreement to uphold the ideals of passion, affection and kittens.

Article I: Telepathy[]

TYR and TI are strictly required to communicate with each other via telepathy. Should one alliance dare speak with their mouth, you can say that this treaty probably won't exist anymore. One more thing about telepathic communication, if one alliance is unable to read the other one's mind... then know what? That alliance doesn't deserve to be a friend.

Both alliances will respect each other, but only in ways that the kittens know how.

Article II: Intelligence[]

TYR and TI pinky swear not to participate in espionage or assist in espionage against each other. We will follow the honorable code of asking, should we require additional kittens. Any acts of espionage would render this treaty null and void. Believe us, you don't wanna be sent to the void. You'll be all alone in a channel after your StarCraft game is over.

Leading intelligentsia of both alliances will share $1kr1t$ with each other when the privileged information pertains to their kittens.

Article III: Optional Naughty Nurse Foreplay[]

This clause gives both alliances the authorization to formally request military and/or financial assistance in any war against any unsigned alliance or nation. However, once a request is made by one alliance, it is up to the other alliance to decide if they will grant the request or not. Should a request for assistance be denied, let there be no hard feelings, for there are still many days that we can dress up as a naughty nurse.

Article IV: Cancellation[]

If TYR and TI ever goes insane, this treaty may be cancelled provided that a twenty-four hour notice is given to the other alliance.


The Immortals

Sarmatian Empire, Emperor

Through Yggdrasil's Roots

TI Likes cake.